The Open Thread 2 – You Take First Strike

The first open thread seemed to work well, so let’s go for it in week 2 of the County Championship and the second week of fixtures in the IPL.

First up, the matches….

County Championship – Division 1

Lancashire v Nottinghamshire

Middlesex v Warwickshire

Yorkshire v Hampshire

County Championhship – Division 2

Glamorgan v Leicestershire

Gloucestershire v Derbyshire

Sussex v Essex

and in the IPL

IPL – 16 April – 22 April

16 – Sunrisers v Kolkata

16 – Mumbai v Gujarat

17 – Kings XI v Pune

17 – Bangalore v Delhi

18 – Sunrisers v Mumbai

19 – Kings XI v Kolkata

20 – Mumbai v Bangalore

21 – Gujarat v Sunrisers

22 – Pune v Bangalore

The last thread went in many directions, and not many referring to the cricket. That’s fine. We are well catered for in terms of county blogs and such like. But still, if there’s something on your mind, then let’s have it here.

I’ve been out of commission all day today, having had to go to Germany for work, but was amazed at some of the stuff I was reading. Did someone really say Kumar Sangakkara struggles with English? Really?

You do have to wonder.

I’ve also got a piece on the Wisden Almanack to put up (it’s missed the boat a little, but still, let’s do it) but I’ll do that later tomorrow after this thread takes hold.

All the best.