Opening Up 1 – The Open Thread

When I asked for some input in to further things we could do on the blog during the non-England periods, or when finding something to say proves difficult, one of the ideas that I quite liked was the “Open Thread”. A post where you can post anything on cricket in the comments.

I don’t want this to be a lazy “here’s an open thread so do your thing” type affair. I’ll tie it, if it proves successful to a week’s fixtures, and so given the start of the County Championship on Sunday and the IPL on Saturday, this seems an ideal time to give it a go.

County Championship – Division One

Durham v Somerset

Hampshire v Warwickshire

Nottinghamshire v Surrey

County Championship – Division Two

Essex v Gloucestershire

Northants v Sussex

Worcestershire v Kent

Then there is the IPL and the competition kicks off on Saturday with KP’s Pune team in action against Jos’s Mumbai (if he gets a game!)


9/4 – Mumbai v Pune

10/4 – Kolkata v Delhi

11/4 – Kings XI v Gujarat

12/4 – Bangalore v Sunrisers

13/4 – Kolkata v Mumbai

14/4 – Gujarat v Pune

15/4 – Delhi v Kings XI

Also, feel free to comment on anything else unrelated to our posts. It’s all in your hands whether this works or not!

On other matters, I will have a lot of spare time at the end of May/beginning of June so will look to update The Glossary. Any suggestion of definitions will be welcome. Where’s Phil A when I need him?