This Week’s Agenda

The World Cup starts on Friday night, with New Zealand v Sri Lanka, followed by Australia and England kicking off at 3:30 in the morning. Given it’s Valentine’s Day I don’t think we’ll be getting much in the way of posting on Saturday, but I’ll do what I’ve done in the past and get Game Threads ready for each match that I can.

I would strongly hope that as many of you as possible enter the competition. I might, or might not, offer a prize, but it won’t be life changing. I’ll tag the thread…

I’m not one for previews, so you can look elsewhere for that, maybe at The Full Toss, although I have no idea of their intentions.

Tomorrow is National Outside Cricket Day. Perhaps you can tell me what the phrase means to you.

Piers and KP Outside

Each new blog post will be announced on Twitter under the new @LordCanisLupus feed.

Posting will not be as frequent as it was before, but I’ll try my best.

My thanks to all who have made it over here. Zero Bullshit lived up to their name by just going on to TFT and saying what he did. Like name, like nature. I want also to reach out to the old crew, such as Pontiac, David Oram, d’arthez et al to get them on here, as well as SimonH, SimonK, Rooto, Burly and all the rest. Spread the word.

As always, happy to have any other views on here. No-one really takes me up on it, but if you want to fill in some of my blanks, then so be it.


Day 2 – World Cup Competition

I believe some might find this blog by Friday. Let’s see. In case they do, they can enter the World Cup competition I had planned. I don’t have the time, or inclincation to set up a Fantasy League, but I will run one like I did for the Ashes in 2010-11.

I suggest a question or an outcome, you answer.

Band 1 – 10 Points If Correct

1. Where will England finish (group elimination, QF, SF, Lost in Final, or winners)? GROUP ELIMINATION

2. Which Associate Nation will win a game against a test team first (answer none if you think there won’t be)? IRELAND (v West Indies)

3. Name the winners of Group A. NEW ZEALAND

4. Name the winners of Group B  INDIA

Band 2 – 10 points if correct, 5 points if 2nd highest.

5. Who will be New Zealand’s highest run scorer? Martin Guptill (547)

6. Who will take the most wickets for India? Umes Yadav (18)

7. Which team will make the highest team score? Australia (417/6)

8. Which team will make the lowest team score? UAE 102 (not counting England’s 101/1 in winning on DL v Afghanistan.)

Band 3 – 20 points if correct, 10 points if 2nd highest, 5 points if 3rd highest

9. Who will make the highest individual score of the tournament? Martin Guptill (237), Chris Gayle (215), David Warne (178)

10. Who will take the most wickets in the tournament? Trent Boult & Mitchell Starc (22), Umes Yadav (18)

11. Who will make the highest individual score batting below number 6 in the competition? Darren Sammy (89), Jos Buttler (65), Farhaan Behardien (64)

12. Who will have the best individual figures ( Best figures will be calculate thus – 1st wickets, 2nd runs, 3rd least balls bowled) in the competition? Southee (7/33), Starc (6/28), Boult (5/27)

Band 4 – 5 points each, a straight pick

13. Who wins – England v Sri Lanka, Group Game – Sri Lanka

14. Who wins – New Zealand v Australia, Group Game – New Zealand

15. Who wins – Ireland v UAE – Group Game – Ireland

16. Who wins – India v Pakistan – Group Game – India

17. Who wins – Scotland v Afghanistan – Group Game – Afghanistan

18. Who wins – South Africa v India – Group Game – India

19. Who wins – Zimbabwe v Ireland – Group Game – Ireland

20. Who wins – England v New Zealand – Group Game – New Zealand

Band 5 – 25 point Question (10 for runner-up)

21. Who wins the World Cup? – Australia beat New Zealand

Band 6 – Varying points

22. The highest individual score will be (spot on 40 points, within 5 – 30 points, within 10 – 20 points, within 20 – 5 points) – 237

23. The highest team score will be (spot on 50 points, within 5 – 40 points, within 10 – 25 points, within 20 – 10 points) – 417

24. The highest number of wickets taken by an individual in the whole competition. (spot on 40 points, within 2 – 25 points, within 5 – 10 points) – 22

25. The number of run outs in the whole tournament (spot on 50, within 5, 40, within 8 – 20 points, within 12 – 10 points) – 39

Final Band 7 (10 points each)

26. England’s individual highest score, over or under 120.5 – yes/no – OVER (Moeen Ali 128)

27. England’s highest wicket taker for the tournament – over or under 12.5 – yes/no – UNDER (8 BY FINN)

28. The total number of sixes hit by England in the group stages – over or under 23.5 – yes/no UNDER (18)

29. The total number of sixes hit by India in the group stages – over or under 35.5 – yes/no UNDER (31)

30. Total number of centuries hit by designated wicket-keepers (at the start of the game) – over or under 6.5 – yes/no OVER (7)

If anyone sees this, have a go…