Who Are You and What Do You Think?

Ah. The last refuge of a blogger who has run out of things to say? To get you lot to do some work?

Maybe, but I thought now might be as good a time as any. I’ve not had a panel like last year’s Ashes (maybe do one for the India tour?) but I have, in the past, put a little questionnaire to allow newbies to introduce themselves, those shy ones to say something about themselves, and those old and grumpy members of this parish to tell people the reason for their angst. So here goes. It might work, it probably won’t. Answer in the comments and be polite, people…

1. Name (posting name will do)

2. Favourite England cricketer past (pre-2000) and present (post-2000). If you are too young to remember pre-2000, I’m jealous.

3. Favourite overseas player past and present. List a few if you find it tough.

4. Rank order these batsmen in Test Cricket – Steve Smith, Joe Root, Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, AB DeVilliers.

5. England’s top six for India, assuming they are all fit?

6. Do you think the loss this year of Brenkley and the imminent demise of Selvey signal the decline of the game in the public eye, or a much needed desire for new writing?

7. Your views on 2 division test cricket? A panacea or a placebo? Or a disaster.

8. What would you like to see more of on this blog? Do you think it is too negative? Do you think it has played it too safe this year?

9. Who should we watch for in international cricket (not England) who may be flying under the radar? If anyone?

10. The biggest villain in English Cricket is….. and Why? (up to 3, but 1 must be put forward. I’ll write a piece on the winner).


Complete this sentence… When Carlos Brathwaite hit that last six in the World T20, I………..

Thanks for participating, if you do, and thanks for the ongoing support for the blog. I say it many times because I still get immense satisfaction in seeing a decent audience on here most days.

There will be the usual end of season poll too, and the Dmitris, but this is a bit of “fun”. Go on, do something!