The Art Of Illusion

It got the ears up, didn’t it. It got KP onto The Verdict. It got people talking less about the debacle of our bowling and fielding performance.

KP has been thrown a lifeline.

Or has he?

We’ve had experience over the past 18 months or more about the ECB-speak. What is and isn’t being said. In the old days, we called this sort of examination in minute detail of every word Kremlinology. Now it’s dullard corporate speak. What does Graves mean when he says KP needs to play county cricket to have a chance of a selection? What does he mean by this key line:

“The first thing he has to do if he wants to get back is start playing county cricket. The selectors and the coaches are not going to pick him if he’s not playing, it’s as simple as that. At the end of the day it’s down to the selectors and coaches and what they feel is best for English cricket. They will make the decisions and I will support their decisions.”

So it is down to the selectors – a coach who doesn’t want him if everything we believe is true, a captain that probably doesn’t, senior pros that don’t, a couple of selectors who don’t and a Chairman who is adamant he doesn’t (by his utterances) all under the auspices of a line manager (his description) in Downton who has nailed his credibility to the decision last February. If it is left up to them Pietersen is never coming back. If the decision is truly their’s then Graves will support them.

The hope comes from Graves being a new broom, that’s all. While this isn’t the unequivocal stuff that has come from the halls of Lord’s before, it is also odd that the timing is this comes on top of another performance of incredible incompetence overnight. One could, if one was being cynical, say that this is a neat diversionary tactic. A bloody stupid one, because the main thing people seem to be saying is this fatally undermines Downton – as if the performances in the World Cup haven’t damned that strategy enough to destroy this man’s ill-fated tenure – and I can’t believe that was the intention.

Of course, the anti-KP faction will latch on to the interview where he says he won’t pull out of the IPL (and why should he trust these liars) and say that it was the bowling last night (and largely over the last year or so) that was at fault not the batting, so KP isn’t the difference. I’m not saying this for one minute, but you are the lot being diverted, not me. My eyes are clearly on what happened last night, and what happens in the ECB hierarchy, not your personal parlour game over whether KP would have won us any of the games so far. More on that when we are finally eliminated from this tournament, because we still have a chance, even if it is remote now.

The usual supsects can do their usual thing. The elephant remains in the room. The strategic direction these clowns set is now reaping its own reward. But throw the remaining deluded people the KP meat to slabber over as an illusionary tactic isn’t big, isn’t clever and after the nonsensical leak earlier in the week, not even that good a piece of news management.

Happy to hear your views. Are you of the same cynical mind as me….


18 thoughts on “The Art Of Illusion

  1. SimonH Mar 1, 2015 / 2:43 pm

    Oh look whose usually quiet Twitter account has sparked into life at that news:


    • Phil Mar 1, 2015 / 2:51 pm

      The last two (three?) coaches, Flower and Moores are two cheeks of the same arse. Happy the telegraph gave Pringles the heave-ho.


      • Arron Wright Mar 1, 2015 / 3:21 pm

        So, moving on…


        • LordCanisLupus Mar 1, 2015 / 3:30 pm

          We have someone running a tedious tweet vote on whether KP should come back or not. The usual suspects with their usual nonsense.


      • Annie Weatherly-Barton Mar 1, 2015 / 7:38 pm

        Ha ha ha. Love it. I used to say two boils on the same arse. Pringle has been seen for what he is: a damn useless writer – and that is being polite. The only place for his stuff is in cartoon books. He still likes to have a go at KP. It is all he has left now. Let’s face it nearly all the columnists are saying that this is down to the ECB and moronic coaches. Not Selvey of course and Newman seems to want to blame the WC playing strategy. Meanwhile others are seething and putting the blame in the right area. I’m glad Pringle has gone. Stupid man who told a whole series of porkies on a permanent basis.

        Roll on the revolution.


    • Annie Weatherly-Barton Mar 1, 2015 / 4:14 pm

      Oh hells bells, I am so sick of that odious man. And I have told him he’s gone just like KP.

      This could be ruse and of course the selectors will be the ones who will make the decision? However, surely to goodness this lot of selectors will be gone after the mess they have made? KP is getting near to the end of his career so I am not expecting that one to come about. But the light on the horizon? Has to be a shot over the bow of Mr P R Disaster Downton, Moores, the Selectors? What worried me about Graves was the bit about the Test Team: “on the up,” he said. Now I don’t know about you but I find that a bit far fetched if I am honest.

      Boycott said Graves is not the sort of man to take prisoners. Well hope he’s right. It is a wait and see. Having said that I was surprised by what he said about KP.

      Be aware that Pamashes is back and being as nasty as ever. Following me around on Twitter. I’ve dealt with her.


  2. Phil Mar 1, 2015 / 2:47 pm

    KP clearly can’t return until Downton, Moores, Flower, Whittaker and probably Cook, Broad and Anderson are all gone. But Newman can have fun burying the real news to have another pop at the character that sells his paper. We can only hope Graves comes in with an open mind. Great post as ever my Lord.


  3. ZeroBullshit Mar 1, 2015 / 2:48 pm

    The first thing these disgraceful wrongdoers need to do is to apologize to Kevin Pietersen and The Outsiders. I do not trust the ECB (Cricket England & Wales) one bit. Lies, innuendo and mind games are what this bunch give us and Pietersen would be a fool to fall for any of it.


  4. Rooto Mar 1, 2015 / 3:38 pm

    I’ve only just discovered this story, but from what I read here, KP would be mad to play along. They – TBEW (Toxic Brand England and Wales) – want him to roll over so they can tickle the fans’ tummy and claim vindication. Appearing to do a u-turn, so as to be able to save their necks, and thus continue on their merry way.


  5. Arron Wright Mar 1, 2015 / 3:39 pm

    Don’t know if anyone else is having problems, but I can’t post anything with a link in it (have tried three times in last ten minutes).


    • LordCanisLupus Mar 1, 2015 / 3:42 pm

      They are going to my spam folder. No idea why. I’ve found some bloody good comments in there. They’ve all been released.


      • Boz Mar 1, 2015 / 4:04 pm

        Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam (that’s better)


    • LordCanisLupus Mar 1, 2015 / 4:04 pm

      Anyone posting that Dobell article appears to fall foul of the spam filter at WordPress. No idea why.


  6. bachcha yadav Mar 1, 2015 / 4:22 pm

    It isnt really about KP any more. Let’s just agree KP is a mercenary who wouldnt drop IPL for County Cricket. So? ECB has to answer for a lot more than just KP.
    Wish someone calls its bluff – even if it means throwing KP under the bus


  7. @pktroll Mar 1, 2015 / 6:02 pm

    Of course it is a load of hot air. In my opinion rather than come back to an uncertain future both on and off the pitch in first class cricket Pietersen is better off being in the sunset.

    His sacking was merely a symptom of the idiocy of the ECB there are plenty of other cretinous decisions that you call haul them up over, the fixture list, world cup preparation, the backing of a useless captain, the appointment of a coach who is not fit for purpose and an analyst team that curtails the players of being able to think for themselves with both the bat and the ball and a bowling coach who appears to be ruining the careers of some fine talent.


  8. SimonH Mar 1, 2015 / 8:58 pm

    ‘The Verdict’ discussion about Pietersen was all about him not playing in the IPL and playing county cricket.

    Didn’t we believe two weeks ago that playing in the IPL was a good thing? If he played for Surrey his first two matches would be in early April against Leicestershire and Surrey. Yet he has to play in these to be considered? What would runs there prove or not prove? Still the determination to make him worship at the altar of county cricket must come first.


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