World Cup Game 4 – India v Pakistan

This is the game thread for this much trailed match. Please feel free to jot down what you like, when you like.

So the hype has been incessant, as if this has been something special at World Cups. As alwayst the truth is somewhat different – there’s some shocking old figures from the very few times these two have met in this competition. Did you know it has produced just one century in the history of their meetings, and that by Saeed Anwar is just 101 (made at Centurion)? Games appear to suffer from the pressure of the occasion.

Sachin Tendulkar has two of the four highest scores in their World Cup meetings, with a 98 in the same game at Centurion, and an 85 in the 2011 Semi-Final. The other score over 80 was by Navjot Singh Sidhu at Bangalore in 1996.

In their previous World Cup meeting in Australia, in 1992, India won in the early stages of the competition. This game was played at Sydney. If ever a game represented a bye-gone era, this was it. Pakistan were 40 runs short with one over left. Miandad batted for an age for 40.

The last meeting was the Semi-Final in Mohali in 2011. Wahab Riaz produced Pakistan’s best figures against India in the World Cup in that fixture, but the best in the series at the main ODI competition is held by Venkatesh Prasad, who took 5/27 at Old Trafford in 1999.

This match is played at Adelaide. Peter Kirsten (84) holds the World Cup record at this venue, made against India in 1992. Azharuddin holds India’s best score in the World Cup at that ground with 79. Pakistan played there against England in 1992, when they were bowled out for 74. Salim Malik and Mushtaq Ahmed both made 17, so the Pakistan record had better go!

World Cup records:

Sourav Ganguly – 183 v Sri Lanka at Taunton in 1999. India have 20 World Cup centuries.

Imran Nazir – 160 v Sri Lanka at Kingston in 2007. Pakistan have 13 World Cup centuries.


5 thoughts on “World Cup Game 4 – India v Pakistan

    • Metatone Feb 15, 2015 / 1:28 pm

      Well, it’s all in the measurement.
      I deal with some of this in my business life, so I have a data point that may be useful.
      India vs Pakistan last time around did appear to attract over 700 million viewers.
      It’s all vague because there are lots of people per TV for this kind of event in countries like India and Pakistan.


  1. d'Arthez Feb 15, 2015 / 10:14 pm

    I’ll ask an Indian friend who is in marketing to get an idea if those figures are accurate.

    To me, those figures are doubtful, to say the least. It is not like the poorest of the poor (and there are quite a few of those in India and Pakistan), have televisions, or can even afford taking a day off to watch the game. Then there are issues of electricity supply – bit hard to watch the game when there is a blackout.

    If you add in radio, that figure may be attained, but even then it seems a bit of a stretch.


    • @pktroll Feb 16, 2015 / 10:34 am

      In small villages in India, they are known to watch communally on rather fuzzy tv screens and I assume similar is done in Pakistan. That said it must be really tough to figure out the true number.


  2. SimonH Feb 16, 2015 / 5:02 pm

    Couple of points:
    1) Misbah has been copping all sorts of flak BTL on the Guardian thread. Apparently he was at fault for Shehzad and Afridi slogging balls up in the air. Blaming the batsman who makes runs doesn’t appear to be an exclusively English trait. Misbah has the highest ODI average of any Asian batsman outside Asia by the way.
    2) The crowd was 41k in a ground with a 52k capacity. I’ve heard that all the tickets were sold but that airline and hotel prices prevented many ticket-holders from taking their seats.


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