The Big Issues

OK. This blogger has something to say.

  • I did not agree with the sacking of Kevin Pietersen
  • I think Paul Downton is an abject disaster in his role at the ECB
  • I think the press did not do their job properly in the wake of the KP sacking, preferring personal prejudice over professional ethics
  • The big three stitch-up is a disaster for the game
  • Alastair Cook’s return to form is not guaranteed. There are slumps, and then there are slumps that last the best part of two years. Don’t be fooled by any runs in the West Indies
  • KP’s book, in hindsight, did him no favours. That isn’t to say that it didn’t have important things to say.
  • The current coach of England is a typical England appointment. Nice man, company man, safe man.

That’s the first principles of this blog. I won’t be able to recapture past glories rapidly, but I’ll be here, writing away, to my hearts content, even if none of you listen.