England vs. Pakistan, 3rd Test – open thread

Naturally we’d like to be able to spend all of our time living rent free and writing previews and blogs for the site; unfortunately life hasn’t dealt us these cards and so at times we’re unable to do just that. Today unfortunately has been one of those times (I did enjoy some nice craft ales in a local pub last night mind, which were very nice and it wouldn’t surprise me if Chris and Danny did the same).

It’s the third Test and final one of the summer, so let’s hope it’s a good one. Mind with winds blowing around 50mph in Southampton today, I’d sure be fighting to bowl with wind if batting wasn’t an option. The fight between Broad and Anderson with which end they get to bowl from could be a classic (if they’re both picked naturally).

Hopefully normal service responds tomorrow with regards to our activity. Comments always welcome.


21 thoughts on “England vs. Pakistan, 3rd Test – open thread

  1. JustCricket Aug 21, 2020 / 7:26 am

    Yes I understand.. hopefully there is enough cricket played to get some result .. I have done a little preview looking ahead to match 3 if you would like to see … otherwise no problem, we can discuss the match thought the comments 👍


  2. Metatone Aug 21, 2020 / 12:15 pm

    England have made a decent start 59-1.
    Burns was the wicket and it marks a tough series for him.
    Interesting to consider that the video bods have found his weakness, but it might be one that is easier to bowl in England than elsewhere.


    • dannycricket Aug 21, 2020 / 12:37 pm

      If it’s left-arm quicks who pose that problem, not every team has one available. I believe England are supposed to tour India and Sri Lanka this winter (although, at this point, who knows?). India don’t have one (at least with Test experience), whilst Sri Lanka’s Vishwa Fernando is classed a ‘medium-fast’ according to Cricinfo.

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  3. metatone Aug 21, 2020 / 1:05 pm

    91-2 at lunch, not a bad start, but Sibley was kind of suckered into playing at Yasir Shah and then made a horlicks of it to get out LBW. He maybe should have done better.

    I’m in two minds. On the one hand it hasn’t been a minefield of a pitch, but some of the late swing in the first hour would have made me think then 91-2 would be an ok session.


    • Sean Aug 21, 2020 / 1:10 pm

      I think both teams will be fairly happy at this stage. Interestingly the ‘Zak Crawley shouldn’t be playing for England’ crowd are a bit quiet this morning…

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      • dannycricket Aug 21, 2020 / 2:02 pm

        Still here. Still don’t think someone with a first-class batting average of 30.82 should be anywhere near the England Test team.


  4. Rohan Aug 21, 2020 / 1:41 pm

    Colin Graves rolling out twaddle after twaddle on lunch time interview on sky. Commentators giving him a very easy ride though. I can’t believe how different his view of what he has done and Tom Harrison is doing, is to what has actually happened 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Now Strauss is saying how wonderful he is. They’re all saying how amazing the 100 is and what a success it is and how it’s attracted a new market, when it hasn’t even been played yet??? Astounding


    • Sean Aug 21, 2020 / 1:46 pm

      Total bullshit as per normal.


      • Rohan Aug 21, 2020 / 1:55 pm

        I was incredulous watching it at the amount of BS on offer and the fact that Nasser and Wardy lapped it up. I can’t imagine Nasser as captain tolerating that level of BS.


        • Sean Aug 21, 2020 / 1:57 pm

          All aboard the gravy train. If you’re from the right type of family.


        • metatone Aug 21, 2020 / 1:57 pm

          I’m glad I didn’t watch, I knew it would be bad for my blood pressure.

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        • Mark Aug 21, 2020 / 2:25 pm

          Why do you think The ECB refers to Sky as a “partner” organisation? There is no editorial difference between them. Former employees of the ECB interview exitsting employees of the ECB.


          In tomorrow’s lunchtime feature Stalin’s former driver will interview Stalin.

          Just another reason why I stopped subscribing to Sky.


  5. metatone Aug 21, 2020 / 2:32 pm

    That was poor from Pope.
    To lose one wicket to a leggie on a windy, not that dry first day is a misfortune, to lose two looks like carelessness.

    One more for Pakistan and they’ll feel they are into the bowlers. Because they will be. And Woakes might not be able to repeat his allrounder imitation.


  6. metatone Aug 21, 2020 / 5:51 pm

    England-esque sort of bowling drift by Pakistan… complete with antics in the first over with the new ball, let’s see if they can get some threat back into the bowling.


  7. dArthez Aug 21, 2020 / 6:25 pm

    My impression is that the bubble is actually much harder on the touring side than the home side.

    Just like West Indies pretty much immediately after the toss, Pakistan look like they want to be home.


  8. LordCanisLupus Aug 21, 2020 / 8:13 pm

    Note – I enjoyed my craft beers at a local hostelry last night. My first evening out with mates since lockdown.

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    • Sean Aug 21, 2020 / 8:15 pm

      Good to hear! I’ve been out 3 times over the past couple of weeks to meet with mates at an establishment. Cheering indeed.


    • dannycricket Aug 21, 2020 / 8:24 pm

      That’s annoying. I was just busy tidying up my place yesterday and forgot about us needing a preview. Stroke of luck for me though, since there’s every chance I’d have bemoaned Buttler and Crawley’s selection.

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      • Sean Aug 21, 2020 / 8:25 pm

        And we wouldn’t have let you forget it either if you had..


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