World Cup Semi-Final – Australia v England

Morning everyone. It really doesn’t get much bigger than this. A sporting occasion for all cricket fans, a chance to see the old enemies fight it out for a place in the Final. In a repeat of 1975, these two meet at this stage, at Edgbaston rather than Headingley (interesting to note the choice of venue all those years ago, when the Yorkshire venue, I believe, had an automatic right to test matches each year, with the winners meeting New Zealand on Sunday. The only other meeting in knockout phases came in 1987, when England lost the Final. England haven’t beaten Australia at a World Cup since 1992, but in the last three Champions Trophy meetings in England, the hosts have won the lot. What does it all mean? Nothing really. It’s just filler.

I’m sorry, not really, to keep harping on about this, but I am taken back to a conversation a while back when someone from our media friends, a limited group we know, said “don’t you think if England make it to the semis, there will be a build up of interest in the country?” His reference point was the women’s team a few years ago, but the point was probably more to see an enhancement of that. Today’s game is one that could catch the imagination. 2005 is becoming a more distant image in the rear view mirror. The 2010/11 team, although not visible, retained some of those names, and again had people talking about the game. Today England meet their arch enemy in a semi-final of the World Cup, the first time they have been there since 1992, and it’s behind a paywall. What more needs to be said about the crippling decision to hide the game from public view than that? What a missed opportunity to bring the game to people who can’t see it. It’s a matter of great sadness. Today’s players get paid well, much better than their counterparts 15 years ago (probably substantially more when accounting for inflation), out of the Sky contract, but in doing so, the game become hidden, and the consequences are there for all to see.

I don’t think we’ll ever stop banging that particular drum.

The game today will, I hope, feature some live blogging. I am currently on leave, but it is with the little horror that is Teddy. My wife is back in the States and with her Mum (or mom as they say) and I have just me to look after a 9 month old border collie with serious alpha male issues. So I will update as and when I can (and the rest of the gang can join in too, if available). Looking at Rain Alarm Pro, there isn’t much nonsense in the Birmingham area, although. The forecast is for showers later in the day, but tomorrow looks OK if we need to come back.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the day. The best ODI bowler in the world, against YJB and Roy in great form. Will Buttler hit his stride in what has been a mainly disappointing tournament for him? What will Warner and Smith do? Have Australia got too many injuries to repeat their Lord’s triumph? Will Finch make his third ton in as many World Cup matches v England? Will we need free to air on Sunday? All this and more, to be revealed…

The winner will meet New Zealand, who triumphed yesterday because their quicks removed the top three, the Indian middle order got starts but did not go on, and then MS Dhoni played one of those mysterious innings. While Ravi Jadeja, a seriously under-rated, under-used cricketer for India was playing a brilliant innings, fulfilling his 9 runs per 6 balls quota that was required to keep up with the rate, Dhoni was pottering about like he had not a care in the world. While this was happening, I was always sure that the Black Caps were going to win. Especially when Jadeja got out. It was mad to me that the most experienced ODI player in the team dropped down to 7 as it was. To then put all the pressure on Jadeja was mad. That Dhoni was run out just after hitting a six left the legend of the master-chaser intact. It’s horse manure. He makes chases more difficult than they need to be, especially recently, and yesterday it got to the stage that they wanted 32 off the last two overs. And still people act that if a freak piece of fielding hadn’t happened, Dhoni had paced it perfectly. I am so glad I don’t go in for blind fandom these days.

I am going to leave it there, and hopefully update during the day. I have a couple of chores that need doing each day – the Teddy walk is the main one – which I will get in, hopefully, before the start of play.

Your comments below, as always. I’ll add mine in the text of the post. We are also on Twitter too, so hope you can keep up with us during the day.

My prediction? I am yet to be convinced by England’s big match temperament. On paper they should win. Between the ears, have they the belief to slay the dragon? Batting first might help. But who knows. It’s that great sporting contest. It’s what sport is about, despite the gimmicks, the nonsense, the corporatism, the ludicrous authorities that govern the game globally and domestic. Sport to watch. Sport not for all.


10:20 – OK, back from walking Teddy. While trying to teach the headstrong pup some basic dog skills, I got the note that Australia won the toss and batted first. No real surprises in either line-up, with Handscomb coming in for the injured Khawaja. However, as the camera pans over the ground, the stadium appears half full. Don’t know about anyone else, but if I have a ticket for this, no way do I turn up after 9:30, let alone 10:30.

10:30 – Warner booed as he comes out. Getting dull. Woakes opens up for England, Clarke opens up on the comms. Dear lord. Warner drives the first ball, a rank half volley, for four. As Scooby would say “ruh-ro”.

10:32 – No further runs from the over. Good comeback. Meanwhile, reasons to be cheerful / fearful.

10:33 – Archer opening from the other end. And strikes first ball, subject to review. Looked a bit iffy to me on first glance. Pad first. Three reds. Dead and a lost review. Hundreds in his previous two World Cup innings against England and now a golden one.

WICKET – Aaron Finch   LBW Archer 0 – 4 for 1

10:37 – Steve Smith in to a chorus of boos. Clarke says “Smith has been crying out for an opportunity” while ignoring that he’s not come in at 3 much (if at all) in this competition. Smith off the mark from his third ball. 2 from the over and it is 6 for 1.

10:41 – Warner looks up for it. Smashes Woakes over his head as soon as he pitches up. 10 for 1. And then a little shorter, and he nicks it off to first slip, and Warner goes. YJB is jubilant. England are off to a bloody flier. 10 for 2.

WICKET – David Warner   Caught Bairstow Bowled Woakes 9 – 10 for 2

10:43 – Peter Handscomb in at number 4, not having had a knock for a long old time. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, anyone? A man who has a technique opened up in tests. Massive appeal first ball. I thought it looked very close, and Morgan has reviewed. Umpire’s call, so not out. Erasmus, come on, you don’t like the Aussies, do you? Handscomb benefits from a misfield off the last ball to get off the mark. 11 for 2 after 3 overs. Clarke already getting on my nerves.

10:49 – One run from that over, and a play and miss from Smith in it. 12 for 2 after 4.

10:50 – Another close, close one from Woakes as Handscomb gets an inside nick to save him. He looks like an LBW every time, Handscomb.

Clarke doesn’t believe in a paucity of words, nor shying from hyperbole. Smith coming down less than straight and looks a nick-off waiting to happen, but we could wait a while. 13 for 2 from 5.

10:56 – I see Carey is due up next. About time. Handscomb runs the last ball of Archer’s over down to third man for the only run in the 6th. 14 for 2.

10:57 – “Can they build a partnership” says Nasser. Er, no. Handscomb hangs the bat out, he inside nicks it on to his stumps, and Woakes has the third wicket of the match. You feel that they are a Steve Smith away from taking this game away from Australia.

WICKET – Peter Handscomb   Bowled Woakes  4 – 14 for 3

10:59 – Carey in, and first ball he nicks it short of second slip, and off the ricochet, he gets a single to get off the mark. Smith has 1 off his first 14 balls. Make that 17, as there are no more runs from the over and it is 15 for 3 from 7 overs.

11:03 – Archer to continue, as we say goodbye to Nasser and Clarke, with Ian Bishop on the mic now. Carey punches down the ground for three, and the return is met with the duclet tones of Kumar Sangakkara on the comms. These two are like velvet, compared to the sandpaper we experienced for the first half hour. And there’s your only sandpaper reference for the day. Promise. Smith takes a quick single and gets away with it, from the fourth ball. The last ball is a vicious bouncer, and Carey catches his helmet before it can do any damage to his stumps. Actually great reactions from Carey, although he’s worn one. End of the 8th. 19 for 3.

11:10 – Carey has a nice plaster on his chin. After a few minutes of running repairs, we are back in action. Woakes with his fifth over. The last ball of the over is a wide half volley which Carey creams through the covers, and it is 24 for 2. Smith has 2 from 21 balls.

11:16 – Three runs from the 10th over, a pretty quiet one, and 27 for 3 after 10.

11:19 – Takes years of watching the game, playing it, and commentating on it to come up with analysis like this:

Woakes in his 6th over, and possibly his last for a while, concedes just one run to Smith and it is 28 for 3 after 11.

11:23 – Stokes replaces Archer. 1 run from the over. 29 for 3.

11:27 – Wood replaces Woakes. A bit rough and ready with two wides. Brilliant work on the boundary saves two leg byes. Carey’s cut still bleeding, and his other cut (shot) is half stopped by Stokes. A third wide off the seventh delivery is making this a pressure releasing over, but the last two balls were much better. 36 for 3.

11:34 – Malcolm Conn Watch. Crickets. Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp.

Carey has some repairs, and now has a huge plaster. Stokes to continue, and Carey takes a single from the first ball. Smith pulls an ugly four, the first boundary for a while, and the first in his 35 ball stay. Mel Jones has been on for five minutes and made two errors – it was McCosker, not Gilmour, who broke his jaw, and the West Indies were not at the peak of their powers in 1995. 9 from the over, and it is 45 for 3 from 14. Building a recovery, maybe?

11:43 – A better over from Wood, and just two from it. 15 overs up and it is 47 for 3.

11:45 – Lovely.

Jonathan Liew would approve.

11:47 – Plunkett replaces Stokes, and his first ball is driven straight by Smith for four. Fifty up. 8 from the over and it is 55 for 3.

11:54 – Smith takes a boundary from the last ball of Wood’s over. 7 runs from it, 62 for 3 off 17.

12:02 – Rashid on for the 20th over, and Slater enters the Comm box for his stint. 72 for 3 at the start, and he’s bowling to Carey. A lofted drive off the fifth ball goes through the gap for four. Six from his first over, and it’s 78 for 3.

12:09 – 21st over yields two runs. 80 for 3 from 21. Inexorable feelings that England are letting Aussie off the hook a little.

12:24 – 103 for 3 at half-way. Got to take a bit of a break now. Looking like 250-280 on the cards unless wickets get taken.

12:33 – From absolutely nowhere Carey flips an innocuous Rashid delivery straight down James Vince’s throat (on as a sub) at deep midwicket and the partnership is broken. England needed that, and although the home fans are worrying, let’s face it, we’d be saying get a move on if this was England.

WICKET – Alex Carey – Caught Sub, Bowled Adil Rashid 46 – 117 for 4.

Smith brings up his 50, and accompanied by boos.

WICKET – Marcus Stoinis – LBW Adil Rashid 0 – 118 for 5

That looked outside the line, and with Finch blowing the review, Stoinis could not review. Stoinis played back and got done by the googly, but the appeal won Dharmasena over and I’ll be interested to see Hawkeye. Stoinis goes second ball. Maxwell time. Two umpires calls, so a little fortunate. Would not have been overturned. 118 for 5 at the end of the 28th over.

12:41 – Smith is looking in ominous form for the Ashes. Another driven four. Without him, the Aussies would be sunk. 127 for 5 at end of the 29th.

12:43 – Rashid induces an edge from Maxwell, but Root can’t nab him at slip. 2 runs ensue. 3 from the Rashid over, who has 2-34 from his 6 overs.

12:48 – Archer returns, and Maxwell nails a pull shot in front of square for 4. 5 from the over, 135 for 5.

12:51 – Maxwell hits the first six of the day over long-on off Rashid. But with only another single from that over, the damage isn’t that bad. 142 for 5 and it is drinks at the end of the 32nd over.

13:08 – Perils of solo live blogging. Missed the Maxwell wicket while taking the dog for a quick stroll and giving him his lunch. Archer makes him prop one up to cover and the catch is taken by Morgan.

WICKET – Glenn Maxwell    Caught Eoin Morgan, Bowled Jofra Archer 22 – 157 for 6

13:11 – Rashid finishes his 9th over, and the 36th of the innings. 161 for 6. Archer back for the 37th, and his 9th. 4 from that over and it’s 165 for 6 with 13 to go. Smith still there on 67.

13:16 – A beautiful googly somehow induces an edge/steer to Joe Root at slip, and Cummins goes. Rashid has his third wicket, proving his importance to this team, if indeed, it still needs saying. Mitchell Starc in to try to play the Nathan Coulter-Nile role. Rashid finishes with 3 for 54.

WICKET – Pat Cummins   Caught Joe Root, Bowled Adil Rashid  6 – 166 for 7

13:20 – Archer bowling out. Three singles from the first three balls. Woakes still has four to bowl, with the other 7 remaining due to come from Stokes, Wood and Plunkett. Archer finished with 2 for 32 and it is 171 for 7 from 39.

13:26 – Mark Wood bowls over number forty, and it goes for four runs. Entering the last ten overs, Australia are 175 for 7.

13:29 – Plunkett bowls over number 41. Four dot balls to start to Mitchell Starc. Make it five as he swishes at a wide one. A single off the last ball stops the maiden, but England will be pleased with that. 176 for 7.

13:33 – Mark Wood again. 2 single leg byes, followed by a single in his first three balls. Another whip to fine leg for a single off the fifth ball, and another off the last. Five in total off that and it is 181 for 7. 8 remaining.

13:37 – Plunkett again. Three singles, including a misfield/run out attempt from the first four balls. Clarke babbling on incessantly. Shut up. 2 off the last ball from a cut, and it is 186 for 7.

13:40 – Wood on for the 44th over. Starc smashes the second down the ground for four. I make it that Woakes won’t bowl his 10 now.  No runs from balls 1,3 and 4 in this over. A wide from the next delivery. A single to Starc off the fifth, and he moves on to 14. Six from the 45th and it is 192 for 7.

13:44 – Second six of the innings (?) from Starc as he reads the first ball of Plunkett’s oval and plonks it over long-off for 6. Adds a single from the next. Smith moves to 78, and brings up the 200 off the third ball. A wide, a single, and another vile looking pull for four round out a pretty rubbish over from Plunkett. 14 from it and it is 206 for 7.

13:48 – Woakes comes on, to bowl three of his four remaining overs – can’t help thinking Morgan gave Wood one too many, or Liam two too many. Starc dabs a single – there really do not look to be too many terrors in this wicket, this is going to be a purely mental challenge when it comes to the chase – and moves on to 23. Smith mishits another for a single from the second ball. Dot ball from the third. A mishit from Starc, and another dot ball from the fourth ball. Something might give here. No. Starc pulls a ball to deep backward square for another single. Big LBW appeal off the last ball of the over for Smith, which is turned down but reviewed. No real hope on this one, I don’t think. Height. Going to be umpire’s call at best….and it is. There was a leg bye, four from the over, and it’s 210 for 7. Clarke has a little laugh and I want to throw my mouse at the screen.

13:54 – Wood bowls a full ball, which Smith inside nicks for a single. Starc dabs a ball into the legside, and gets a smartly taken two runs. A good save by Plunkett means just two from the third ball. Starc on to 28. Dot ball from the fourth. This is the 47th over, so just 20 balls to go. Starc top edges the fifth ball but it doesn’t reach Plunkett, and he gets a single. 50 partnership up. The last ball brings another horrible looking pull, but Smith gets a single, keeps the strike and it is 217 for 7 with three to go.

13:58 – Buttler nails the stumps and runs out Smith after he tries to get through for a short legbye – brilliant from Jos. Taking off the glove he hits the bowler’s end stumps and Smith is marginally short of his ground. A vital knock if aesthetically like walking past a sewer. We’ll need to get used to it, I’m afraid. He’s just too good, even when he’s bad. Big wicket.

WICKET – Steve Smith  Run Out (Jos Buttler) 85 – 217 for 8

Woakes then gets a nick off an expansive drive from Starc, and he’s got to walk now. Thin nick to Jos Buttler and England feel a little better about life.

WICKET – Mitchell Starc   Caught Jos Buttler  Bowled Chris Woakes 29 – 217 for 9

Nathan Lyon in at 11 for the team hat-trick. Blocks the first ball. Risky single off the 4th ball of the over, and gets away with it. Behrendorff would have been out by miles. Dot ball from the 5th, one from this over so far. Dot ball from the 6th too, and one from the 48th over. Not going to matter, but we should have brought Woakes on one over earlier. End of the over, 218 for 9.

14:05 – Mark Wood bowling his 9th over, the 49th of the innings. Lyon fishes at the first, but misses. A run off the second, not sure if it was a leg bye or a single. I think given as the later.  Behrendorff dabs a ball to third man for a single off the third ball. Clarke saying it’s not Smith’s day because the ball went between his legs. He didn’t exactly bat with fluency, Clarke. Two more singles off balls four and five. Final ball and Mark Wood yorks Behrendorff and England will need 224 to win and make the Final.

WICKET – Jason Behrendorff    Bowled Mark Wood  1 – 223 All Out

So – Woakes 3/20, Rashid 3/54, Archer 2/32 and Wood 1/45.

OK. We would have settled for that at the start, no doubt. Smith made batting look hard, but in his own way, and while you may think from above that I’m having a go, I’m not. He doesn’t give his wicket away. He just doesn’t. It could be a long Ashes summer. There are not those devils in the wicket, but Starc is a danger. It appears a bit of a short of a length wicket, as most boundaries appeared to come from pitched up deliveries. But that’s a nothing score, and England will be livid if they can’t chase this down. This run chase will be 90% in the head. Don’t panic and it will come to you. See you after the break. Hopefully.


14:38 – Negative vibes, bad precedents, worrisome stats, fears pervading. This should be comfortable but we know that it won’t be. Roy to face the first ball from Jason Behrendorff. First three balls all good. Roy plods one down to third man to get his account under way off the fourth ball. First ball to YJB and he crushes it through point for 4. Exhale. A little. 5 for 0 after the 1st over.

14:42 – Mitchell Starc time. Holding my breath here, no idea why. I’m not as invested in this team as others. Four dot balls, the last one at 92 mph. Roy getting in line at the moment. Fifth ball a bit shorter, hits Roy in the midriff, timed at 94 mph. The sixth ball is a wide. So still no maidens. Solid behind the final ball – 6 for 0.

14:50 – Win predictor says that Australia have a 7% chance of winning. Does it feel like that to you? No runs off the first four balls, and then a beauty that goes the other way to YJB, who doesn’t quite nick it. A maiden. 6 for 0.

14:53 – A sensational drive off Mitchell Starc’s first ball of the fourth over by Jason Roy goes for 4, and then clips one through wide mid-on for two more. Then came a knock on the door, and back for the last ball of the over and it’s another magnificent drive through extra cover for four. 10 from the over, one parcel for someone I’ve never heard of, and Teddy has been woken up by the knock on the door. I bet the Guardian and Cricinfo never have that. 16 for 0 from 4.

14:58 – Behrendorff keeping it tight to YJB since that first ball. He appears a little frustrated, but off the third ball of the over he shovels the ball into the leg side for a single. Teddy laying down again. Roy plonks one through midwicket and the two openers scamper two runs. A little dance from Roy to the last ball yields no run. Three from the over. 19 for 0 from 5.

15:02 – Starc gives up a wide from his first ball to YJB. The next is a massacred square cut from the red headed raging Yorkie, and another four. Demolished. The ball screamed for mercy as it raced along the carpet, picking up friction burns before smashing into the boards. Two dot balls follow, the second seeing YJB hurtle down the wicket, but Roy giving it the No No No No No.  A glide down to third man off ball four brings up a single. Oh, we’re one ninth there….  Roy then hits an amazing six as he flips a leg side ball far too close to fine leg for comfort, but it sails over for a maximum. Hussain’s heart has been extracted from his throat. Roy blocks ball six, and there’s a lovely dozen from that over. 31 for 0 from 6.

15:07 – Pat Cummins comes on for Behrendorff. Two dot balls to start to YJB. Cummins being talked up. Teddy now moving on to his bed. No idea he has to remain in the same position. A bit of a false shot third ball, but no harm done. Sways out of the way of a shortish ball for the fourth of the over. Nice drive off ball five for no run, as it goes straight to cover. The final ball is mis-timed through extra cover for two runs, thus preventing a maiden, adding on another 1%ish of the total required, and making the score 33 for no loss after 7. Teddy moves again. He does have some Australian in his bloodline. I think it’s his grandad. Someone tell Conn.

15:12 – Behrendorff replaces Starc. Roy does one of his wanders and plays and misses, then blocks ball two. LBW appeal for ball three, which England get a legbye, and Finch ignores the appeal as it pitched several miles outside leg. Bairstow clips the fourth ball to deep backward square for a couple more. A little uppish drive, quite close to Behrendorff is timed superbly, and goes for four straight down the ground. A guide to gully off the last ball gets no run, and England are now 40 for 0 at the end of 8 overs.

15:16 – Cummins again. Roy on 19, YJB 18. Two dot balls to start. Third is short and Roy ducks underneath. Another dot for ball four. No rush, chaps. We’re all breathing really well right now. There’s a real lobby for Jason Roy being selected for England’s test team, which I still think is mad. The last ball of the over is another gorgeous shot as he whips a ball through square leg with a majestic piece of timing and it races for four. Maiden thwarted, another 3.6% of the total required knocked off, and England move on to 44 for 0 after 9.

15:21 – Behrendorff starts his fifth over, and YJB pushes one through square leg for a single. A repeat, slightly better timed, brings Roy another run. YJB repeats again, slightly in front of square for a third single. Two through the covers for Roy, as the two nearly collide when they run. Another single, as England take a run after it hits YJB’s bat. Conn starts to froth at England cheating, but up comes the 50. YJB plays out the last ball, and it is 50 for 0 from 10. A very decent start.

15:25 – On comes the Mouth of Adelaide, Nathan Lyon. Jason Roy facing. I feel sick. Then Roy smacks his first ball straight over long-on for 6 – there was a fielder on the boundary that it sailed over . Dear lord. He’s going to be KP ain’t he? Misses the second ball after a little fiddle outside off. Roy gives himself room to hit the next ball out to the sweeper on the offside for a single. Bairstow sweeps ball four for a single. Now Roy reverse sweeps for four. Good grief. A leading edge, a pirouette, and a single makes it 13 from the over and England are 63 for 0 after 11.

15:29 – Cummins to bowl his third over as he changes ends. Second ball, Roy hoiks it down to fine leg for a single and moves to 40. Hopeful appeal from the third ball to YJB, but Finch knows that’s a load of dollop and doesn’t review. Talking of dollop, Cummins bowls a short pitched load of rubbish, sails over Carey, and add a very welcome 5 to the total. Another short ball brings two balls as this time it is on the offside, but the bad news is YJB goes down in some pain as he slipped turning for the second. We’ll have a little break here. 71 for 0. On resumption there’s a shortish ball which hits YJB on the hip. No harm done. A firm drive, for no run concludes the 12th over. 71 for 0.

15:40 – Lyon bowls again, Roy makes room, hits it to sweeper, and gets a run. Now we have Slater and Clarke in tandem on the mic. Lord help us. YJB tries to sweep ball two. Nothing. Slaps the next to square, no run. Clarke burbles. A horrible wipe skews over third man and somehow gets four, as Starc’s dive is in vain. YJB plays straight to ball five. Straight to backward point off the last, no run. 76 for 0.

15:43 – Cummins induces an inside edge from Roy but it thuds into his pads and no run. A little surprised by the bounce from the second, and no run. A wonderful fine hip flick from Roy crashes into the fine leg boundary for four off the third. Short for ball four, but not deemed a wide. No run from ball five. Bunts ball six in the air, falls short of mid-off. 80 for 0.

15:47 – Over number 15, and the Lyon experiment ends. Mitchell Starc is back. YJB smashes the ball over mid-off first ball for four. A single down to third man, and I need to take a Teddy toilet break! As I open the door, Roy wallops one over mid-off for another four. A well-timed square cut is stopped, and that’s followed by a wide. Roy on 49. Given width, he smacks the next one through extra for another four, 53 off 50 balls. Conn will no doubt refer to his birthplace. A single off the last ball, and it is 95 for 0 off 15 and drinks. Teddy is now livening up. You feeling it, people? Fighting like cornered TV companies behind a paywall.

15:55 – Steve Smith coming on. Interesting. Someone puts an umbrella up. Roy smears a single first ball. Wide second ball. Brilliant fielding saves a boundary from the second legitimate delivery, and keeps it to a single. Roy gets hold of the next, clears Maxwell, and even though he doesn’t get all of the full bunger, it goes for 6. He hits the next one straight for 6 as well. File this under “not a great idea“. The next one went absolute miles, air-mailed to London, it may never come down. Finch is shopping at Louis Vitton here. And he still can’t afford it. That’s the metaphorical white flag folks. 21 off the over, the last six being 100 metres. 116 for 0.

15:59 – Stoinis on, and YJB clips for a single. A diving stop keeps Roy to two instead of four as he pulls a short one to mid-wicket. It’s going to rain a little bit, judging by my radar software but it won’t last very long. A couple of dot balls, and I get my first message saying that he’s waiting for the wheels to come off. There’s a wide to bring up the 120. Roy murders the last ball with a sort of swivel shovel for four to bring the total to 124 for 0. Hundred to go people.

16:04 – Mitchell Starc, 0/38 off four, is back. This is just the 18th over. YJB is nailed on the crease, and is given LBW. YJB reviews instantly. He’s not hit it. Looks dead. So he takes the review with him as well, which is a bit silly.

WICKET – Johnny Bairstow  LBW Mitchell Starc 34 – 124 for 1.

Joe Root in. First ball is short, hits Root’s glove, avoids Carey and goes for 4. Luck with Root there. Into line for the next one and plays it well. Starc’s 27th wicket. Record. Root glides a leg side ball very fine again for another four. Starc shopping at Harvey Nicholls at the moment. Wide outside off stump next, and Root smashes it through point for another boundary. A wicket, but 12 off the over. 136 for 1 from 18 overs.

16:10 – Roy belts Stoinis’s first ball for four through mid wicket, then dabs the next to third man for a single. Jason now on 84. A couple of dot balls. No tweets from Malcolm Conn. Another dot ball to Root. A sedate five from that over. 141 for 1.

16:13 – Roy nurdles the first ball from Cummins down to fine leg for a single. Joe Root then smashes one through backward point for 4, and the total needed is below 80. The next makes a lovely sound, but finds deep square for another single, Actually, it’s his first single, but another to the total. Roy is given out down legside, and is caught by the wicketkeeper. He believes he never touched it, and is furious. Save your rage for YJB. He has missed that by a mile. Roy goes for 85.

WICKET – Jason Roy  Caught Alex Carey Bowled Pat Cummins 85 – 147 for 2.

I told you YJB’s review was a nonsense. That’s what happens when you let your ego get in the way. Roy missed that by a mile. A shocking decision.

Roy shouldn’t have stayed around to argue. Morgan in. He’ll be up before the beak afterwards.

16:20 – Kumar’s got the memo on the umpires. Starc back on. This would be a hell of a choke from here. Root gets a couple from the fourth ball of the over. Off the last ball of the over, Root brings up the 150 with another couple. 151 for 2. 21 overs gone.

16:24 – Cummins on, and Morgan gets off the mark with a glide to fine leg. 72 to win. Root takes a single off the first ball he faces in the over, down to backward square. Cummins bowls a short one, Morgan sways out of the way. Morgan is like a jittery man at the crease, all movement. Lets another short one go by, dropping his hands. You feel he just needs to nail one to ease any thoughts. Wears the last one. Two from the over. 153 for 2 after 22.

16:29 – A bit more peace and quiet. Good fielding saves a single off the second ball. Starc in his 7th over. A nudge from the fourth brings a single to Root, who is on 23 from 21. Aaron Finch is now fielding at backstop, short ball outside off, Morgan flips it over square cover for four. Morgan is like a cat on a hot tin roof, but prods the last ball out. 158 for 2. 66 to win. 27 overs left.

16:34 – Cummins to Root, who gets a sharp single, aided by a misfield. Comes round the wicket to Morgan, who nearly spoons one up to Cummins off glove and splice. An edge gets the captain another run – a single to third man. A wide, harmless delivery to Root is pushed to sweeper for another run. Another bouncer to Morgan is too high, and is given wide. A fuller ball for the last one of the over is pushed over mid off for four, and heads drop just a little more Down Under. 166 for 2.

16:39 – Starc again. No point dying wondering. Three dot balls to Root. The fourth is full on Root’s legs, and another glance for four. A single to mid off off the last, and five from the over. 171 for 2. After 25 overs. Australia were 103 for 3.

16:43 – Bairstow and Roy to open in tests says Drug Cheat. Yes. YJB is our keeper, that will work. Lyon now on and Roy hits through square leg for a single to open up. 52 to win. An attempted reverse sweep from Morgan is missed. Morgan does try again, and he gets four to backward point / backward square leg. He then edges the next delivery for two, and it is 178 for 2. 46 to win.

16:47 – Behrendorff back, and Root gets a single straight away. Morgan gets done by a slower ball and gets lucky as it just evades Finch at mid-off. It’ll say 2 in the book, and there aren’t any pictures in there (Smith’s would be interesting). Morgan pulls a lolloping long hop for four behind square. Just a single pulled off the last ball and it is 186 for 2. 38 wanted.

16:51 – Morgan chops one late from Lyon down to backward point for a single off Lyon’s first ball. Root milks a single to long on second ball. Morgan sweeps fine for four third ball. Exhalation all round. They’ve got this. Morgan backs away and then drive/cuts in front of square for four, and by far his best shot. Gets away with the 5th delivery as Morgan dances down the wicket, and then glides just short of backward point. He takes a single off the last ball, 11 from the over. 197 for 2. 28 overs gone.

16:55 – I’m sure Aussie have won an ODI at Edgbaston since 2001, haven’t they? Anyway, Behrendorff continues. Morgan miscues the first ball. And the second. Doesn’t play a shot at the third. Defends the fourth. Both Root and Morgan are on 33. Nothing from the fifth, and nothing from the sixth. Bills have to be paid, so we take an early drinks interval.

One thing we should observe in the run up to the final. The old mantra that success has many parents, but failure is an orphan. Let’s see that rush for credit.

17:01 – 197 for 2 from 29 overs. It’s brilliant to watch. I thought there were no demons in the wicket, and there haven’t been. The bowlers have won this game for England. No doubt. Root takes a single from the first ball of Lyon’s over. Morgan belts a shot over cover for four, and brings up the 200. Count them down. A shovel in front of square brings Morgan two more, so it’s now 20 to win. A single off the fourth ball. Root reverse sweeps for another boundary. 15 to win. Single off the last, 210 for 2. I’m thinking the ODI that they might have won was rained off (2005), but the Aussies belted us in a couple of series after that.

17:05 – Behrendorff’s eighth over. Those five wickets he took last time seem a long long time ago. Wide from the second ball. 13 to win. Root swats, as Nasser called it, a four in front of square from a lolloping long hop. 9 to win.  Root hits a full bunger down to fine leg for a single. 216 for 2. 8 to win. Root on 44.

17:09 – Before the end of the game, I would like to thank Teddy for being a wonderful dog this afternoon. He’s been calm and sound, and helped me to do this live blog. Thanks all to those who have followed it as well. We’ll do the final. Starc on, Root drives through the offside for a majestic four, and it’s down to two to win. They’ve been amazing. Root pulls to midwicket for a single. He should finish on 49 not out. Starc to Morgan….takes a single. Scores are level. Miscounted. 2 to win. Root on 49. Starc bowls, no run. 1992 was the last time, so they say, and there’s been nonsense since then. Just took common sense, picking the right players, changing the way they play. Root denied the winning runs by Maxwell. Over ends on a Richie – choo choo choo for choo. (222/2)

17:14 – Morgan smacks it over mid-on. Game over. Dame Edna, Paul Hogan, Skippy, Malcolm Conn, Rod Laver, Paul Keating, Men at Work, Icehouse, Guy Pearce, Boomer. Your boys lost. For once. Let England enjoy it.

Cheerio. Someone can write up the match report. England v New Zealand on Sunday at Lord’s. I have been Dmitri Old, and it has been my pleasure to watch an England team play like that.




82 thoughts on “World Cup Semi-Final – Australia v England

  1. Burly Jul 11, 2019 / 8:20 am

    So, Kohli – a person I have a lot of time for – came out with this:

    ‘Asked whether he would like to see the tournament follow the model of the Indian Premier League, in which teams who finish top in the regular season get another chance to reach the final if they lose their first play‑off match, the India captain said: “Maybe. If topping the table means anything. I think these things can come into consideration, looking at the magnitude of this tournament. That is a really valid point. You never know when that is going to be implemented.

    “You finish No 1 in the table and then a spell of bad cricket and you are out of the tournament completely. But you have to accept it.”’

    Hmmm. Now, obviously this has been fed through the media process so may not be quite what he intended, but that sounds like a bit of a whinge about the format not favouring consistent teams.

    I don’t think the captain of a team that was allowed to start the tournament late, one of the sides the tournament schedule was intended to benefit, has much of a complaint here. Does he not realise this tournament was set up to benefit the Big Three and reduce the risk of ‘shock’ losses? They weren’t even the host team and they managed to get >50% of their matches on weekends, which is pretty helpful when you have such big support…

    Eh, it’s probably nothing, but it rankles. It’s not Kohli’s fault that cricket is in hock to a handful of people. I would just like some more self-awareness.

    On to today: Is it as simple as “if it swings, we lose”?

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    • Marek Jul 11, 2019 / 11:19 am

      I thought that article was really clickbaity and rather stupid.

      Reading the whole of Kohli’s comments, I got the impression that he wasn’t particularly interested in changing the format–it was a polite, speculative answer to a rather silly question–and he repeated several times that the reason they weren’t in the final was that they didn’t play well enough when it mattered, and that’s cricket.


  2. Northern Light Jul 11, 2019 / 8:29 am

    Is there any point in the team playing today’s match? I thought that as India finished top of the Group stages, the ICC were just going to declare them champions? Or just substitute them into the game on Sunday? With no opposition?
    In a way I’m quite glad I can’t watch today’s events on TV, I’ll be able to go out and have some summer holiday fun with my daughter rather than forcing her to sit and watch 7 hours of cricket. Lord knows, she might have actually started to be interested in it, or even like it. Dodged a bullet there, ECB! You don’t want female children finding 50 over cricket interesting….. it’s three times as long as it needs to be….

    Liked by 1 person

    • nonoxcol Jul 11, 2019 / 9:52 am

      This is from today’s OBO, described by the excellent Rob Smyth as “a nice story”:

      “Ahead of England’s World Cup semi-final clash against Australia, England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and International Cricket Council (ICC) celebrated the impact that the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup has had in inspiring young people – with over one million children aged five-12 connecting with the sport.

      The milestone was celebrated at Yorkmead Primary School in Birmingham with ambassadors Jonathan Trott and Danielle Hazell in attendance alongside local schoolchildren who will join the players on the pitch for the national anthems at the hotly anticipated fixture at Edgbaston tomorrow.

      The achievement comes as a result of the plan to use the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup to connect with children and young people – a key aim of the ECB’s plan to grow the game. To help inspire the next generation to fall in love with cricket, partners and stakeholders across the game have worked on initiatives including Cricket World Cup Club Family Days, the Cricket World Cup Schools Programme and fan zone activations.”

      They really are shameless. You can read more here (red flashing warning: Tom Harrison quote AND “£20 a ticket” Lovejoy quote):


      • dArthez Jul 11, 2019 / 11:24 am

        Since when does dad watching the telly count as youth participation?

        How many actual kids attended a game this World Cup?


      • Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 4:35 pm

        “To help inspire the next generation to fall in love with cricket, partners and stakeholders across the game have worked on initiatives including Cricket World Cup Club Family Days, the Cricket World Cup Schools Programme and fan zone activations.”

        Nobody ever fell in love with anything calling themselves “partners or stakeholders.” The ECB can never stop themselves speaking in their stupid corporate speak. Everything they say sounds weird. Why can’t they just talk normally?


  3. Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 9:01 am

    A year ago you wouldn’t have given Australia much of a prayer, but the old mongrels always seem to find a way when it counts. The World Cup has not been England’s friend over the years. Gatting’s Reverse sweep, Pakistan bowlers magically becoming Gods in a completion they had be dreadful in. Etc etc. To be fair for much of the least 25 years England have only themselves to blame for their predicament. And that is what is worrying.

    I share our hosts concern about this teams ability when it really matters, and the pressure is on. But according to all the pundits that is not a problem because England had to win against India and NZ and they performed. So that’s it, job done according to the media. I’m not so sure.

    I hope for the best, but fear for the worst. I’m glad we are not playing Australia at Lords with their left arm bowlers on the slope.

    Yesterday was a great event, although I didn’t see it live I was checking regularly and saw the highlights last night. At 50 odd for five you thought it was done, but it ended up closer than NZ would have wanted.

    As others have pointed out there has been murmurings about the best side getting beaten by the forth place team in a one off game. It happens, it’s called sport, it’s why we love it, and the administrators seem determined to kill that off in all sport to just slowly milk the fan dry with matches that nobody cares about.

    When will they learn that sport only comes into its own when the game actually means something? When the loser is out? But that doesn’t work for the various business models that now control our lives. The big boys must be given chance after chance not to lose, and for the money to roll in. It might please the fan boys but not people who love sport for drama.


  4. dlpthomas Jul 11, 2019 / 9:11 am

    I’m too nervous to watch the start so I’m going to watch an old episode of the X-files and tune into the game a bit later.


  5. Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 9:21 am

    Australia win toss and bat. Is that the game? This World Cup has not been kind to the team batting second.

    On an amusing note, and I have no idea if it was true someone on cricinfo has said that….. “According to the list of world cup finals on Wikipedia, India have already won this world cup,”


  6. thelegglance Jul 11, 2019 / 9:21 am

    Having to chase seems this tournament like doing it the hard way. A nice challenge for them.


  7. Leningrad Cowboy Jul 11, 2019 / 9:32 am

    Lots of empty seats.


  8. dArthez Jul 11, 2019 / 9:42 am

    Good start for England.


  9. Burly Jul 11, 2019 / 9:53 am

    This is great to watch right now. No doubt it’ll get much harder for England soon.


  10. Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 10:44 am

    Great first hour for England, but next two bowlers just releasing a little bit of pressure for Aus. They need these two out as soon as……

    If they can get to 250 I would not fancy England to chase it down.


    • metatone Jul 11, 2019 / 10:59 am

      Yep, barring some very surprising bowling in the next 10 overs, England have blown it.


      • Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 11:27 am

        Yes, while not losing complete control England’s back up bowlers have looked innocuous. Bob Willis is going to have a field day with Rashid tonight.

        At one point you might have fancied England to bowl the Aussies out inside fifty overs. Not now…


        • Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 11:40 am

          Well maybe not……Bob will have to keep is powder dry.

          Carey just gave it away….and Stoinis is out LBW Rashid has two and the game has changed again…


          • metatone Jul 11, 2019 / 11:46 am

            Hope is back in the kitchen, smoking Gitanes and drinking pastis and saying “won’t you invite me to the party”


          • metatone Jul 11, 2019 / 12:07 pm

            Archer gets Maxwell…


  11. Burly Jul 11, 2019 / 10:59 am

    I wish Mark Wood was a smarter bowler.


  12. Marek Jul 11, 2019 / 11:16 am

    “Peter Handscomb in at number 4, not having had a knock for a long old time. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, anyone?”

    Although there may be questions about Handscomb’s technique, he has at least had a knock–his last one was all of eleven days ago. He’s just played four games (and would have played a fifth but for rain) on a tour arranged in the host country for precisely this eventuality.

    The only thing that stymied him a little in those games–and he did score two fifties in two completed innings–was the form of those above him in the order. Of course since the chief one of those was Matthew Wade, this might beg another question, but…


  13. Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 11:24 am

    Like so much of the BBC now, it’s unlistenable to…

    The fact that the BBC thinks Cook is a good broadcaster just shows how a once great broadcasting entity has pissed away it’s reputation. Nepotism, inherited journalists, chums, and jobs for the boys has made it a vomit inducing shit sandwich of entitlement, and smug passive aggressive tossers.

    I listened to five live last night with Agnew on, and it was dreadful with its stupid gimmicks of silly jingles. Before any interview they had to play this cretinous jingle that screams in a moronic voice …”THE FIVE LIVE PODCAST..” Just in case you are too stupid to now what fking channel you are on. A moron channel for morons.

    Who are their target audience now? Primary school kids? The mentally insane? People with attention spans of three seconds? No one should be forced to fund this shite.


    • Jomesy Jul 11, 2019 / 4:44 pm

      Mark – I like many of your posts, but I love this one. Been stuck in a room all day trying to settle a dispute and been catching up on the game here and this made me laugh out loud!


      • Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 5:19 pm

        Thanks Jomesy!

        I think I just finally snapped at their smug coverage.


  14. dArthez Jul 11, 2019 / 11:38 am

    Carey gone, but at least he revived the Australian innings. Rashid the wicket taker 14/3 has become 117/4.

    Smith still there. Now Marcus Stoinis (how he keeps getting opportunities is beyond me) also gone, lbw to Rashid.


  15. Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 12:08 pm

    It’s going to be very interesting to see how England chase these runs. It’s not going to require the usual charge of the light brigade from the off of 7 an over.

    At least one or two players needs to bat like Smith, probably Root, and Stokes to hold the whole thing together.

    And as I write Archer has got Maxwell. Is this pitch going to get a bit two paced? England don’t normally adapt very well to two paced pitches.


    • Burly Jul 11, 2019 / 12:25 pm

      At the moment it’s just Archer’s ability to change his pace really well.


  16. dlpthomas Jul 11, 2019 / 12:17 pm

    Rashid has had a bit of a quite tournament but he’s making up for it today.


  17. metatone Jul 11, 2019 / 12:17 pm

    Rashid gets Cummins… our leg spinner is officially back, complete with the bad balls, but we don’t care when the jammy wickets keep coming.


  18. metatone Jul 11, 2019 / 12:29 pm

    Commentator mentions that rain may turn up in the 2nd innings and now we know how England will lose. DLS.


    • nonoxcol Jul 11, 2019 / 12:43 pm

      I haven’t wanted England to win a match this much for ages. Partly because I *really* don’t want the same final as 2015. That’s never happened in the history of the World Cup, certainly not consecutively. In fact the only pairing ever to have been repeated is Aus v SL. But mainly because of the egg on the face of the ECB/ICC/Star Sports when it’s free to air… BUT against Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix. Those guys just can’t catch a break.


      • metatone Jul 11, 2019 / 1:01 pm

        England have done pretty much all you can ask of a team that loses the toss and has to bowl.
        If the pitch turns out to be a mongrel for batting second (and/or the weather intervenes) I won’t be impressed.


  19. Burly Jul 11, 2019 / 12:54 pm

    Ball pegging back middle stump is not out on review… am I getting boring yet? 🙂


  20. Burly Jul 11, 2019 / 1:00 pm

    That is phenomenal work by Buttler to run out Smith.


    • metatone Jul 11, 2019 / 1:02 pm

      Woakes follows it up with a nice ball to get Starc.
      (Although Starc’s swipe was a bit agricultural.)


  21. metatone Jul 11, 2019 / 1:10 pm

    Good yorker from Wood ends it an over early, which is good from a DLS pov…

    Fingers crossed, going to be a nervy start to the batting.


  22. thebogfather Jul 11, 2019 / 1:34 pm

    Sh!ttingles about to erupt
    However the ICC/BCCI be corrupt
    A seemingly ‘easy’ target’ here
    Yet I know, we English faNS, are filled with fear..
    So with hope, blind eyes and hoping for luck
    Because, and especially, us OUTSIDE do really give a fuck

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    • dlpthomas Jul 11, 2019 / 2:08 pm

      “Because, and especially, us OUTSIDE do really give a fuck”

      That’s the thing isn’t it. Despite all the ECB bullshit, this is still my team and I really want to win this tournament.


      • dlpthomas Jul 11, 2019 / 2:08 pm

        and I’m still to nervous to watch…………….


  23. dArthez Jul 11, 2019 / 3:04 pm

    Total anti-climax of a game. Congrats England


    • nonoxcol Jul 11, 2019 / 3:08 pm

      Bet nobody (English) here is taking this for granted.


      • dlpthomas Jul 11, 2019 / 3:12 pm

        Hell no!


    • dArthez Jul 11, 2019 / 3:23 pm

      Not sure what Roy was thinking, but honestly, that should be a couple of demerit points at least.


      • dlpthomas Jul 11, 2019 / 3:27 pm

        Just tell me he can’t be suspended for the final (tempting fate there)


        • dArthez Jul 11, 2019 / 3:44 pm

          He could be, but since he has a clean sheet, he’d basically need to resort to calling the match referee all kinds of names before it gets to that.


      • Burly Jul 11, 2019 / 3:42 pm

        He’s _still_ pissed off in the stands. Let it go, Jason.


    • dArthez Jul 11, 2019 / 3:38 pm

      In this case, it is the calmness of the neutral speaking.


  24. Burly Jul 11, 2019 / 3:16 pm

    Well, so far, this is an absolute battering. England have made Australia look dreadful. The sort of shellacking normally handed out to England at world cups.


  25. Burly Jul 11, 2019 / 3:20 pm

    Yikes that’s an awful decision to give Roy out. Poor reaction by him though – and presumably he was partly culpable for Bairstow wasting England’s review (and Bairstow should really have known better!).


  26. dlpthomas Jul 11, 2019 / 4:23 pm

    Beating Australia is always sweet. Beating Australia to make a world cup final is orgasmic. A great win from a special team.


  27. Burly Jul 11, 2019 / 4:38 pm

    That was as good as I’ve seen from England in ODIs. Fantastic performance.


    • LordCanisLupus Jul 11, 2019 / 4:41 pm

      I have the whole of it recorded.

      Despite hating much of what has happened to the game, the way the ECB have treated loyal supporters like me since that accursed Ashes tour, I am so pleased for so many of those players. They played that game like they were the boss. They were mentally at it. Brilliant.

      But it’s not over. Remember Champions Trophy finals. Remember the name. Remember Pringle’s LBW. Remember the reverse sweep. England were favourites in all of those games.


      • Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 4:58 pm

        I missed the whole England innings this afternoon but when I got back rather that just see the score I decided to read your live blogging over by over. It was as good as seeing it live. Well done, and well done Teddy!

        Sounds like England breezed it! You were right about the pitch not having any demons. I was not confident if England got off to a bad start, but the openers broke the back of the score.

        So we will get a new champion whatever happens, and Sky has to now put it FTA which will piss off the north London Guardian Mafia who hate it when they can’t laud it over the masses. . So a great result!

        England’s biggest problem now will be not letting the media think they only have to turn up to be given the trophy.


  28. nonoxcol Jul 11, 2019 / 4:42 pm

    According to the Guardian OBO there are people out there complaining about the comparison of Roy to Pietersen, because he [Roy] is “better than that”.

    Hey. I haven’t seen any of Roy’s batting. Perhaps he really really is…


    • Rooto Jul 11, 2019 / 4:54 pm

      There are quite a lot of people who reckon man never walked on the moon…
      Just because they can’t do it, they think it can’t be done. I think some of KP’s knocks fall into this category.


    • Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 5:03 pm

      I’m just so happy that they still hate KP. It pleases me no end they will never let it go. Fabulous!


    • jomesy Jul 11, 2019 / 5:12 pm

      Saw that too. Laughed and made me think of the “lend us your brain” Warne sledge. TBF – Smythe (I assume it was Smythe politely put them back in their box).


  29. Rooto Jul 11, 2019 / 4:48 pm

    Well done, LCL. A marathon job. And well done England. Great feeling to be able to exorcise a few ghosts like that. I bet the UK is physically lighter this evening, as a great weight has been lifted!


  30. nonoxcol Jul 11, 2019 / 4:53 pm

    It has been confirmed that C4 will show the final until 1:15, at which point they will switch to F1 while the cricket goes to More 4. At the end of the race the cricket comes back.

    I am delighted to report that both the complaints, and the ho-ho-ho references to breaks in FTA coverage on C4 pre-2006, started immediately after this announcement was made.


    • jomesy Jul 11, 2019 / 5:15 pm

      What a dumb decision. Like most people I will only watch clips on my phone.

      Liked by 1 person

      • nonoxcol Jul 11, 2019 / 5:19 pm

        I’m assuming F1 being on the main channel is contractual, thus non-negotiable.

        Personally I will take this as a massive bonus as I never expected to see the day. People complaining sound spoilt (or ignorant of rights contracts) and the ho-ho-ho-remember-racing-and-Hollyoaks lot just sound smug af.


        • dannycricket Jul 11, 2019 / 5:45 pm

          F1 is also more popular than cricket, I’d have thought. And, having not known if they would be showing live cricket until a few hours ago, they’ve presumably sold the ad slots for the F1 coverage which is probably quite expensive…

          Liked by 1 person

          • thelegglance Jul 11, 2019 / 6:08 pm

            I’m amazed some are complaining about this. Obviously the Grand Prix takes priority, for all the reasons you say.

            Back at the start of the century, the number of people with digital TV was limited. Now it’s absolutely everyone. The idea going to More 4 now is comparable to then is ludicrous. This is utterly fantastic news.

            Liked by 1 person

          • nonoxcol Jul 11, 2019 / 6:12 pm

            I agree, obviously.

            I’m not remotely amazed though.


          • thelegglance Jul 11, 2019 / 6:13 pm

            Well, when I say amazed, I mean in the not remotely surprised sense.


          • Anteater Jul 11, 2019 / 6:21 pm

            Until this season live F1 was shared between FTA & Sky. The new deal is that it all goes behind the paywall, except for the British GP. I assume the C4 team don’t want to lose their only live event. Especially as the rest of the year Sky get to say how long a delay there is before a highlight show.

            While this year’s been fairly one sided with Mercedes dominant, it does give Lewis Hamilton the chance to beat the record of Silverstone wins.

            Both F1 fans and the new owners seem worried that a paywall will lose F1 viewing figures.

            Meanwhile getting more than a one hour highlights show for cricket on fta works for me. All I need to do is channel hop between the the two events.


  31. Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 5:12 pm

    Come on then Selvey give us a smile! An England final, and joy of joys on FTA….you must be very conflicted? How dare the little people get to have a seat at the top table for free….hey?

    That’s only the reserve of the chosen ones with their free press passes.


  32. Rohan Jul 11, 2019 / 6:05 pm

    It’s great to see England in a final again. The first since the KP and Colly inspired one of 2010. As LCL said, happy for the players. Although I still struggle to fully get behind England, but great that it will be FTA; anything that winds up Selvey et al is good in my book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dArthez Jul 12, 2019 / 2:52 am

      You must have missed the T20 World Cup, where Carlos Brathwaitte made a name for himself. And did nothing of note for the next three years then.


      • Rohan Jul 12, 2019 / 4:43 pm

        Haha, no I watched it live!

        I meant to say ‘the chance to win the first since the KP and Colly…….’ oops, sorry…….


  33. Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 7:09 pm

    I’m sorry to be churlish but already the credit is all being given to Strauss. Sure, he played his part, but the reality is that Morgan had taken over as captain from Cook who had been sacked as captain in 2014. Morgan had made it clear he wanted to take the team in a different direction.

    The World Cup was too early for the full changes to be implemented but change was already baked into the cake. Andrew Strauss did not take over at the ECB until April 2015. After the World Cup.

    But it was Morgan’s new approach in the ODI series against New Zealand that showed a new dawn had come in English cricket ODI. NZ were the runners up in th previous World Cup and suddenly England were beating them and playing a new attacking style.

    This attempt to re write history is false. Yes, Strauss said he wanted to prioritise White ball cricket, but he had little choice such was the disaster of the previous twenty years. But change was already being implemented
    by Morgan.


    • thelegglance Jul 11, 2019 / 7:11 pm

      Ill give him the credit for sticking by Morgan. It wasn’t a popular call. Not for everything else over four years.


    • jomesy Jul 11, 2019 / 8:11 pm

      TBH – I thought they could have done with Cook’s experience today. They looked a bit lost without it as they did four years ago…my “favourite” guardian article from the time.

      But you’re right, it’s crap. Same as I had to listen to “England’s greatest opener” – as introduced by bbc presenter – on five live this evening on HIS views on ODI! Give me a break!

      Also, Lord Alistair, sounded a bit less Essex and a bit more plummy…watch this space.

      Im not an Alan Sugar fan but at least he doesn’t affect.


      • Mark Jul 11, 2019 / 8:29 pm

        Might be the right time to dig out Cook’s churlish comments after the 2015 World Cup when he was still sulking after being sacked. They would make delicious reading and a contrast to the BBC trying to rewrite history.

        There is no need for this, but if the usual suspects are going to try and push all the credit to a small ECB elite then a balance must be reintroduced.


  34. nonoxcol Jul 11, 2019 / 8:18 pm

    Just watching the Ashes 2005 documentary from Sunday on catch up.

    Possibly the only Ashes 2005 retrospective ever to omit “Hello massive” and the Langer wicket at the start of that Flintoff over, and show the Harmison slower ball *without commentary*. Also there was a section on Simon Jones’s mastery of reverse swing, but none of the wickets they showed were reverse swinging deliveries. Also left out Pietersen being dropped by Warne at The Oval.

    Very strange indeed. Stick to your DVDs everyone.


    • thelegglance Jul 11, 2019 / 8:19 pm

      You know, that’s something I was thinking about the other day. My 2010/11 Ashes DVDs. I can’t imagine buying something like that now, digital or physical.


    • Nicholas Jul 12, 2019 / 3:26 pm

      It was a curious documentary, wasn’t it. If you didn’t know (or couldn’t remember) how the matches had played out, there was absolutely no way you could have gained any understanding from the narrative that the documentary portrayed. I think it was trying to do too much and they had too many interviewees to fit in, but it was rather hopeless, unfortunately.


  35. Mark Jul 12, 2019 / 8:21 am

    It must have been an interesting meeting in the Channel 4 boardroom when asked if they would show FTA the World Cup final. This was the broadcaster who had the rights to cricket unceremoniously taken away from them by The ECB

    The temptation to tell them to go forth and multiply must have been huge. However, they have taken the delicious approach of ……revenge is a dish best served cold.

    The Wimbledon final is not so attractive now if you haven’t got Sky. There is another event in town. Assuming you don’t like watching cars circling a track, very rarely overtaking, and plastered with advertising logos on them for hours at a time.

    I hope people will tune in because for years we have been told that the public doesn’t watch cricket on tv anymore. Laptops and phones. This is such a crock. It will also be a reminder to the ECB that they don’t need to invent new forms of cricket. Just put a little bit of existing cricket on FTA.That was all they needed to do ten years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. thebogfather Jul 12, 2019 / 2:28 pm

    Loved the commentary updates LCL, even if I didn’t get to read them until today 🙂


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