Got It Printed In The Paper, Everything You Do – The Annual Poll

OK. I’ve trailed this for a while, but here we are, before the Ashes, and we need to get this out of the way. Well, at least I do.

You have three options with this poll.

  1. Answer it in the comments below
  2. Answer in an e-mail to
  3. Ignore it. Most of you do!

I will also repeat the request to be a member of the Ashes Panel. I have three or four volunteers so far! In 2015 we had 15! Declining interest I suppose 😦 – Let me know and I’ll get the questions to you this weekend.

OK. So the key questions to answer.

  1. The next appointee to Mount Cricketmore – a Mount Rushmore for those who have contributed the most to our anger and disappointment in the world of cricket in the recent past. The 2016 enshrinee into our particular Hall of Shame was, by almost unanimous demand, Giles Clarke. You are NOT allowed to vote for him again.
  2. Your cricket journalist of the year – as in the best journo since our last poll.
  3. Worst cricket journalist of the year – always competitive, the winner can be anyone who has reported on cricket in the past year. I have noted that some might vote for Matthew Syed, but I would probably need to disqualify him as he’s an all round idiot, rather than one who has reported on cricket.
  4. Worst cricket commentator of the year.
  5. Best cricket commentator of the year.
  6. England innings of the year.
  7. International innings of the year.
  8. This media person needs to be seen more……
  9. Most memorable moment.
  10. England cricketer of the year
  11. International cricketer of the year
  12. Finish off this statement. The main thing wrong with cricket on social media is……


And here are some general Ashes questions for you to answer.

  1. Who wins, and what will be the series score?
  2. How many centuries will England make?
  3. How many runs do you think (a) Cook and (b) Root will make?
  4. England’s top wicket-taker

All a bit of fun, so take as much or as little time as you want. The results will be published around Christmas, and some will be used to inform, though not necessarily compel me to include, in this year’s Dmitris.

Fire away!