England v South Africa – 3rd T20

International cricket carries on. And on. And on.

Sean sent me a Whats App this evening. He appears to be in a state of mental torture. He needs to be checked in to a relevant place to cure him.. He is suffering from “Too Much White Ball Cricket Syndrome”. He beseeched me to write a piece to introduce the game tomorrow. Danny is on holiday. Chris is out of touch, and no doubt enjoying it. So it falls to me. Fresh back from Faversham, the piece needs to be written. What do I write?

It’s 1-1 in the series. I’ve not seen a ball.

Tomorrow is the decider. Not a clue who will be playing for England or South Africa.

Looks up where it is being played. After Southampton and Taunton, it’s now Cardiff. That’s nice. I suppose the north doesn’t want to see T20 cricket. It’s not as if the denizens of Cardiff have had no chance to see international cricket in the past three weeks. Give ’em some more.

I might be able to watch some of this, but life is as life is these days. I know we are now 12 days away from test cricket, which is much more to my liking than this blatant money raking exercise, but tomorrow marks the last time AB de Day Off will play international cricket in England until the 2019 World Cup. I hesitate to compare him to Kevin Pietersen, but AB gets a relative free pass for this, while you know who didn’t. I think it is incredibly disappointing to know that the test series doesn’t mean as much. Sad.

Anyway, comments on the game below, comments on Cricket Writers below, comments on the Women’s World Cup below, comments on anything else going on. Also, stick down your best guess for the date when England host Afghanistan in a test match for the first time. 2024?