India v England – 4th Test, Day 2


I’m sick to bloody death of it. He has a fragile temperament. A day when Adil Rashid did not deliver the goods isn’t explained away by any other factor than that he bottled it. That he won’t do well under pressure. That he is fragile. Amazing isn’t it? How someone gets labelled. He was our exciting spinner in the last test. Now he’s some unreliable precious little flower.

Cards on the table folks. I didn’t see any of today’s play. I’m catching up on yesterday’s highlights as I write this, and a debut ton for Keaton Jennings. I noticed how that was lauded and praised, but not in any sense or proportion to the Justin Bieber-esque HH responses that our media giants conveyed. Still, it’s only a hundred on a road, innit? So I’m going to have to wing this a bit, but then you are used to that.

India are playing at home and we are being a little more competitive than some of the other giants of the game over there. We’re not getting skittled for very low scores in every game, and while India are making scores, we’re not getting battered to all parts. We have a bad session or two, and it seems to cost us.

India finished the day still a fair way behind. A lot can happen in making up another 254 runs, so lets not get too carried away. I can remember a test match I was at in 2002 – the infamous Nasser toss game – Aussie got 450+, and at the end of the day England had 160 odd for 1! We all know how that turned out. I also know that although I enjoyed that day, I knew we were nowhere near in the game. Yes, I know it is markedly different but by thinking we’re is total strife at this point betrays our own mental state, just as mine did then. Nick one of these two out early, get Kohli, and then there’s all to play for. Who knows, Adil might not be fragile tomorrow.

I’ll update when I see the highlights, but in case I don’t get time tonight, this can act as the conduit for comments on Day 3. Thanks to Sean for holding the fort, and if anyone gives a hoot, the migraines have eased. Reading Newman is enough to make me want to lay down in a darkened room, though.

Sorry for the lack of analysis/comment, but it’s been madness as usual in life and recreation, and not helped by feeling a bit ropey, and I hope to be able to finish off the series I’ve undertaken. But, as you probably know, I’m a blogger of fragile temperament. Some days I feel like it, others I bottle it.

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