India v England – Day 1

You know I have a rule on this blog. One of the few. I don’t discuss politics. I don’t want you to discuss politics. This is a cricket blog. But I’m not a journo. I don’t get paid.

However, this is not merely a cricket blog, but a journal of my life as well, and you cannot escape life when it hits you between the eyes. I have to say that this morning I did not give a single toss about this test match. I had to face things that actually directly impact my life – you know I go to the States every year, have family there, and have an American spouse. So you aren’t going to get a match report from me. I wasn’t watching, and to a large extent, wasn’t even following the game.

Sean and Chris are both unavailable for selection, so it falls to me. 311 for 4 is an excellent start and it was great that Joe Root converted a 50 to a ton. Not a massive ton, but the first in India by an opposition test player since 2013, I think I read. Moeen has the chance to join him, posing that tantalising question that I sort of raised yesterday (in saying he doesn’t have a long-term future at 5). 99 not out overnight, and hopefully an early milestone and moving on to a nice sizeable knock. 500 has to be the aim, whether we get there or not.

Other match reviews are available, and I’ve not read them, but if you have comments on today and tomorrow’s play, stick them on here. 1460ish days to the next US election. And I’m not allowing comments on that.

Comments on Day 2…..below