Bangladesh v England – 2nd Test Day 3

And that is it. All over.

I slept, like most of you no doubt, through the first two sessions. England seemed to have put in a decent effort to keep the damage down to needing just 270-odd, but then I caught up with the news that the fielding was duff, the conduct might not have been all it was and, well, we weren’t that good.

Then I saw 100-0 at tea and thought, oh well, we’re doing very well, and maybe there are not so many terrors in the pitch. Then we watched the collapse. Duckett went for an aggressive 56, and then the house of cards collapsed.

There’s so much to say, but the immediate aftermath isn’t it. What we can say that Bangladesh demolished us today. Absolutely thrashed us. Humiliated England. Watching the media this week is going to be incredibly interesting. The spinners will cop it, of course they will, but what about the arrogance of our selection? What about the batting, the bloody batting, which is still paying for the sins of the past. I’m not even going to talk about our captain. Well, I will, but not now.

England, remember, were being cited as a “great team” not so long ago. World number 1 team. But it’s ok. Matt Prior has just told us the players “will be hurting”. I look forward to the nonsense that will follow. As I watch Twitter, James Taylor is being turned into Graham Thorpe in terms of batting on the sub-continent.

Bangladesh. Well done. To Mehedi, a fantastic display. To Shakib and the others who have been through the travails, all praise.

Let’s have some truths here. Let’s be honest with our cricketing public. We’re watching you Team England, we’re watching you Team ECB, we’re watching you media.

Comment away.