Searching for Sunshine and Context – Super Series 7

If you feel like commenting, fire away.

Me? Well, I think you can tell how interested I am in cricket right now. Not when football and the ludicrous state of this country is like a constant soap opera. A stable, balanced England ODI team, playing well against a team we usually struggle against is a little vanilla. But if you have the time, and the inclination, enjoy the action. The forecast for London is wretched, so we’ll probably have another no result.

Night all.


26 thoughts on “Searching for Sunshine and Context – Super Series 7

  1. Zephirine Jun 29, 2016 / 9:51 am

    I’m ignorant about football (quite useful at the moment) but this paragraph in the G caught my eye:

    Covering England, one quickly learns there are rules in place. Players were told not to mention anything that related to their clubs or talk about opposition players. This is how silly it became: the players were even under orders not to discuss their games-room dart tournaments. Whose idea was it? “Senior players,” came the FA’s stock answer. Only a little thing, perhaps, but just compare the secrecy surrounding a cuddly toy with the way players from other teams hold themselves in front of the cameras.

    Not just the cricket, then.


  2. Sean B Jun 29, 2016 / 7:46 pm

    Eoin Morgan getting the Alastair Cook free pass at the moment?


    • sidesplittin Jun 29, 2016 / 8:54 pm

      Wasn’t the worst catch he fell to + series in the bank. Would you seriously drop him and make Root or A N Other skipper ?


      • Sean B Jun 29, 2016 / 8:59 pm

        Not sure, was a great catch and he has captained the side well, but hasn’t scored many runs in the past few series. Was meant as an open question…


        • sidesplittin Jun 30, 2016 / 5:32 am

          Under his leadership Eng are playing exciting and winning ODI cricket, literally for the first time ever. Hardly a “free pass”, his relative lack of runs would only be an issue if his presence in the side were inhibiting it; which is clearly not the case.


      • pktroll (@pktroll) Jun 30, 2016 / 7:30 am

        It should be pointed out that England have lost series v Australia quite comfortably and then threw away a 2-0 lead to lose in South Africa and have now beaten a Sri Lanka side a pale shadow of those that have come here before. The ‘brand of cricket’ is indeed a lot more exciting, yet the actual cold hard results are a bit more mixed.


    • "IronBalls" McGinty Jun 30, 2016 / 7:36 am

      Has more captaincy nous in his little finger than Cook ever has in the whole of his body! The team is where it is because of Morgan, not despite him!


  3. pktroll (@pktroll) Jun 30, 2016 / 7:21 am

    Loved watching Roy do his stuff. I’ve seen a fair bit of him in first class cricket over the last few years and if it wasn’t for the fact that his game management is often so poor, he would be a reasonable shout for a test spot. His lack of tons in f/c cricket has held him back.


  4. SimonH Jun 30, 2016 / 8:35 am

    23 years and The Judge still presides!

    There are a couple of good comments of the Guardian thread from one of the few old regulars who’s still bothering.

    Other England news – Ball looks likely to make his Test debut (Anderson and Stokes aren’t likely to be fit for the First Test) and Hales looks to be leaving Notts.


    • d'Arthez Jun 30, 2016 / 1:34 pm

      What is there to worry? This is exactly what Giles Clarke, Edwards and Srini were aiming for.

      Because the only nations whose players can afford to play Test cricket then are England, Australia and India.

      Or maybe, international cricket can survive in places like South Africa, when you get the Rory Kleinveldts, Omphile Ramelas and Imraan Khans as star attractions to touring South African sides. So, who will the first England bowler be to take 60 wickets in a three-Test series? There are records for the ages to be set! Who wants to see Rabada when you can have any of these players?

      All joking aside, you’d have to be close to be legally incompetent not to be able to foresee any of this. And I don’t fault the players.

      No one in the ICC could see any wrong in the administrators of Zimbabwe Cricket pocketing at least $600 000 for themselves, and then paying players such as Brendan Taylor a massive $250 for his performances in the entire tournament. These same idiots wonder why Zimbabwe has basically not qualfiied for the main stage of any ICC tournament on merit in donkey’s years …

      So, any bets on the first South African / Sri Lankan / New Zealander / West Indian / Bangladeshi under the age of 28 to declare international retirement? Zimbabwe does not count, since you can’t make any money in cricket in Zimbabwe. ZC has made certain of that, with the willful mismanagement of the game – all with the ICC’s blessing.


  5. "IronBalls" McGinty Jun 30, 2016 / 3:59 pm

    Just been watching the CPL on Dave…it’s not bad, better than ITV4’s abomination with the IPL
    The CPL want it on Dave so that more people can watch it? What kind of crazy notion is that? Lots of people wanting to watch cricket? It’ll never catch on! 🙂


  6. SimonH Jun 30, 2016 / 7:36 pm


    • SimonH Jul 1, 2016 / 10:21 am

      Who needs press conferences when you can communicate by informative videos like this (“the presentation of the official tartan….”):


    • SimonH Jul 1, 2016 / 10:25 am


    • d'Arthez Jul 1, 2016 / 10:54 am

      Is that the same Saudi Arabia that withdrew from World Cricket Division 6, last year?

      An example of the excellent governance that the ICC strives for.


  7. SimonH Jul 1, 2016 / 2:37 pm

    Long FICJAM:

    “The conversation in cricket has, for some time, been happening at the IPL – the game’s most lucrative event. The league’s political and reputational problems, sadly, have partly obscured its development as cricket’s technical, strategic and tactical cutting edge”.

    That might have been interesting in 2012.


    • SimonH Jul 1, 2016 / 7:58 pm


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