326* Parkway

Ah. Do you remember where you were last year when the news of KP’s “final sacking” was, in the grand old style, leaked? When KP had finished the day 326* to be taken to a hotel and told his services were no longer required, except as a mentor to the ODI team?

I was on my way up to Atlantic City from the beloved’s home town (and if  you saw the Blacklist last week, that episode was NOT shot in Cape May. That got me mad). I’d been following the score rising and rising. I kept on laughing. Then came the anger at the leak. Then Strauss. The decision and the aftermath.

Some will say this is the short post of a KP groupie. Some will say this is just part of the obsession.

I say it is precisely why this blog exists. To say we don’t forget this crap. We don’t forget the personal grievances. We don’t forget the contempt the authorities showed towards supporters like us. In their words, it is a case of trust. And I don’t trust the authorities and those who report on them. That TRUST went. TRUST has to be earned.

Oh, and curse you Joe Root. Spare my team your batting practice! Unlike last year, when there was glorious sunshine on the Garden State Parkway, I’m praying for rain today.