South Africa vs England: 2nd T20 Review

Enter The Cauldron…You Get Boiled!

For reasons which have never been entirely clear, the BBC in their wisdom decide that while Test matches and tournaments are covered on the Radio Four long wave frequency, a T20 like this one isn’t, with them advertising coverage of Sports Extra which is of absolutely bugger all use to most people driving a car at the time as without digital radio there’s no way of listening to it.  It’s a curious policy for the BBC to have – one would think that those who listen to TMS usually would probably also listen to a T20 match, but apparently not.

All of which is by way of explanation that this afternoon was spent driving back from a family engagement, tuning in to try and listen to South Africa’s reply, and being unable to.  Having watched England perform a collapse that was spectacular even by their exalted standards, the final total was unlikely to ever be enough, but the hammering that followed wasn’t entirely expected.

All of which means that this is going to be a short post due to an inability to reasonably assess the defeat, except to say that the collapse was partly bad luck (the run out of Morgan) and partly self-inflicted (the run out of Hales).

What isn’t surprising is that the response concerned it being an inexperienced side and the various excuses therein.  As so often, there may be a grain of truth in it, but at some point those have to stop – with a global tournament next month you couldn’t say England go into it as one of the favourites, no matter how some have tried to big them up.

Over to you to tell me what the hell happened.



South Africa v England – 2nd T20

The Wanderers taken from the Unity Stand

So to the end of the tour. The final game. Lord knows when we’ll return, given it’s been six years since we last turned up. Maybe we can squeeze in two more Ashes tours before the next visit? That’s what we all want, right?

England will be smarting from the defeat on Friday. Well, if they aren’t they bloody well should be. They didn’t make enough runs, but not by as much as we thought at half-way, and then bowled and contained well to get themselves into a winning position. The ending summed up the game. England lost the game on a fielding error that prevented the match going to a Super Over.

Today the game is in Jo’burg. The legendary bull ring. The graveyard of bowlers in T20 cricket. There have been eight scores of over 200 there in the limited history of T20 international cricket. Last year South Africa posted 231 and lost.

But we heard all this in the run-up to the ODI and it was, by recent standards, relatively low scoring. So who knows what we’ll get.

Comments on the game, if you care, below. “These people” on the blog will be honest and forthright and tell it as it is. And that’s from me.

UPDATE – South Africa win the toss and bowl. England bring in Billings for Willey.