The Next T20, The Pink Ball, And Tregaskis

Comments on today’s T20 should be included below. An impressive win against what looked like an over-matched Pakistan team gives us that little bit of hope when it comes to the next World T20. I’ve been on the Billings Bus for a bit, and like what I see so far, but he doesn’t seem to fit in to a first XI which has Buttler in it. Indications are that other players are going to be rested (suggesting Morgan might be) so we’ll see the depth of the line-up.

I have to say that I didn’t see much of the day-night test. I have time off work and wanted to sleep…. I love sleep more than cricket. I did see some parts though, and the round-up at the end from Cricket Australia TV was drinks all round, wasn’t it wonderful, everything was amazing, and mulitple bruising from patting each other on the back. The important stat was 44,000 in the crowd, and the game not being a farce. One would suggest a normal test match where one team is out for 202 and the other was 50 odd for 2 would not get much of a glance – a game in the balance, an average amount of runs, and the game being more than a cakewalk for batsmen – but this isn’t a normal game. If you’re looking for hyperbole, then Shiny Toy is your man.

Vaughan has form for going over the top, but what was needed was something like today. Adelaide is a batting wicket at most test matches, and it’s clear the ball has had some effect, or there is something else going on with the pitch. I haven’t studied it, seen what they’ve done, but Selfey was intimating that the pitch had a bit more grass on it to protect the ball. The fear with the ball would be an abrasive surface tearing it apart. But there’s nothing wrong with that pitch preparation, and indeed a normal day’s play was just what was required. It has been a success, but the problem is when the Cricket Australia TV gush so much. If I’m agreeing with them, then there’s something wrong.

Let’s see how the match plays out. One observation from me is I hate watching the pink ball on the TV. It is going to take some getting used to.

Then there’s Tregaskis’s piece. From where I’m sitting, the press lost my trust 18 months ago. They were conduits for leaks, gleefully on many occasions, printed a number of stories that were pro-ECB no matter how often they complained about how this monolith had put up a bubble to keep them out, and their judgement on certain characters was found wanting. T’s piece makes many very good points, and in some regards I think he over-reaches a little (but hey, don’t we all), but he’s got certain journos talking to a blogger and in the main, that can’t be a bad thing. T has a cache that I don’t have. He’s a respected writer, winner of a tremendous award, and also got to write a terrifice article in The Cricketer. He’s also a charming fellow to talk to on the phone, on the one instance I got that chance. He approaches his subject with diligence and with a clear idea of the right way to go about it. He affords many of the journalistic community a respect I cannot do, and for that, he’s a much better man than I.

John – the answer is still no.

I come at this issue as a cricket fan, and yes a fan of one player I felt was treated very badly. I hold the media very responsible for letting us down. For turning the other way. For taking one side of the story and putting it that way. I have a piece on the stocks that I’ve just not had the heart to put up summing up the interactions over the last 18 months. While some have sought to build up some trust since, it isn’t working across the piece.

As for Nagpur, well….. if you want to kill off the sport, keep doing that. Harsha Bhogle, not known as a critic of the BCCI, isn’t exactly enamoured with it.



29 thoughts on “The Next T20, The Pink Ball, And Tregaskis

  1. RufusSG Nov 27, 2015 / 2:12 pm

    Hi, Dmitri – you may remember be as the guy you responded to on Reddit yesterday, after I stumbled across this blog by accident yesterday and linked to one of the comments made in a rather irate comment of my own ( Since you took the time to respond to me and defend the commenter, I should take the time to respond to you since your defence made be realise I was probably a little harsh in my initial pronouncement. (I’ll paraphrase what I left as a reply on the Reddit thread, since I’m not sure whether you created your account just to respond to me or not, and thus am unaware if you saw it.)

    I admit to not being a regular reader of the blog: I came across that page accidentally, looking for some discussion on the game. If that user is calling out pitches of all stripes for being too extreme, then I suppose that’s fair enough and not snobbery – my first impressions are that whilst the comments are certainly harsher than I usually see on this sub (I don’t bother with the newspaper online cricket sections since they’re a shitshow), and there’s a lot I don’t agree with, there seems a worrying level of disenfranchisement among them that represents a proportion of the fanbase that the ECB isn’t, and should be, trying to understand.

    I’ve had a look through some of the other stuff you’ve written, and it’s really interesting – I shall check some more of it out when I have the time, as your pieces are very long! I hope that clears things up – I don’t want to be seen as being especially malicious towards the people who comment on your blog, since your clarification makes that user’s stance more understandable in my eyes.

    Also, if this sort of cross-promotion is allowed, feel free to join us on Reddit at We welcome anyone who wants to chat about cricket and opinions of all stripes are encouraged and regularly expressed. Slight warning: we like Cook slightly more than you appear to do here, but rest assured that we’re very even handed on KP, if that helps. Plus we spend most of our time worshipping Steve Smith and AB de Villiers so there’s not much time for being gloomy.


    • LordCanisLupus Nov 27, 2015 / 2:18 pm


      Welcome! I am quite defensive of my commenters, and thought it a useful background for you. This is quite a forceful blog (and the comments more so) in its views, and your approach would fit right in!!!

      I know I’ve been accused of waffling too much. Pretty much guilty on that score. I’d recommend reading the predecessor blog (How Did We Lose In Adelaide – link on the right column) to see me really lose my rag!

      I’m not even handed on KP! I’m an unashamed fan as you might have guessed.

      I’ve registered with reddit, and will dip in and out. Seems lively!




      • RufusSG Nov 27, 2015 / 2:28 pm

        I did read about HDWLIA in last year’s Wisden, so I had actually heard of you (you’re practically a superstar now I guess) but I’d never got round to checking it out: the article said you’d shut the blog down but didn’t mention this new one. Looking through some of your old articles, you certainly weren’t exaggerating about losing your rag… but that’s what blogs are good for, since the authors have the license to write from the heart a lot more than the print media tend to. I shall drop in and out of here too: like I say, I wouldn’t say I feel as strongly about some of the topics discussed by your commenters as they do, but it’s still worth my time to give them my consideration to ensure my opinion is challenged.


        • LordCanisLupus Nov 27, 2015 / 2:42 pm

          Superstar! Sadly, I have an ego the size of a house. A Wendy House.

          All views welcome, I just ask that people treat each other with respect on here, and those that snipe at things they know nothing about (my motives being the main one) will have some pushback. But on the game we all love, that’s what unites us, and we have that in mind at all times.

          All the best, Rufus…


    • d'Arthez Nov 27, 2015 / 2:48 pm

      Awww, someone got offended because someone has a point of view that they don’t agree with. And instead of actually having the courage to address it man to man, you have to hide on Reddit like a real hero! Poor old Rufus. Do I need to send you flowers to make you feel better?

      If you had bothered to read my comments in the past 1.5 years, you know it is not just the pitch in Nagpur. If you had bothered to engage with me, you would know that I have criticised pitches the world over – in the West Indies, England, South Africa, and even in Australia. But no, you prefer to paint me as if I am a racist! Yeah, real classy that. But hey, this is the internet, so you take a blurb in isolation, and run away with it. Well done! You’re not the first idiot to do so. And you won’t be the last.

      It is the ICC stitch up. The fake format of the World Cup. I pointed out after the group stage match between Australia and New Zealand that it was a decent contest, but utterly meaningless. Why? Because both teams would qualify. Why? Because both teams would know exactly where they would play the quarters, semis and finals, if they made it that far (unless they finished the group in 1-3 or 2-4). So, I blamed the ICC for rendering the result utterly meaningless. Yeah, the kind of thing you exactly want to happen at a global showcase event.

      The consistent bending of the rules in favour of the ICC. Rules surrounding conflict of interest anyone? Which get ignored time and again. Not only in the ICC. But also in the WICB, and a few other boards (PCB and SLC are subject to consistent political interference, South Africa has their quota issue, even though it is officially denied).

      The ICC stitch up. That is something to be happy about, right Rufus? Apparently it is, since you have never bothered to ask me what I thought of that.

      The consistent application of one rule for the insiders, and a different rule for outsiders. See qualification rules for the WC 2019. England only have to be less terrible than 2 other teams to make it. Ireland need to qualify through a tournament, no matter what happens. That is called a meritocracy. In terms of you know, actual performance, Ireland outperformed team ECB in the last three World Cups.

      With regards to selection. With regards to opportunities to play. Compensation. Acknowledgement of achievements. Do I need to go on? Do I need your permission to express an opinion? No.

      But thank you for calling me a racist snob.


      • LordCanisLupus Nov 27, 2015 / 2:54 pm


        I’m going to stop this here. Rufus made a comment, in haste, checked it out, and came on here to clear things up. That’s what we probably all should do. I’m not in to us all rowing. I actually want to be a force for bloody calm between cricket supporters if I can be. The last thing I want this comments page to be is a rant and a rage between ourselves. You know I don’t moderate much, so don’t take advantage of that (and that goes for all).

        I believe in this blog being somewhere to discuss, not have fights, and Rufus came on here with good intent.

        I’ll be watching the rest of this. I have to go out for a while so I’m pre-modding all comments in case this gets out of hand while I’m away.


      • d'Arthez Nov 27, 2015 / 3:03 pm

        You may stop it here, you may be ban me if you want Dmitri.

        I will not tolerate being abused and exploited without my knowledge, nor with my consent, by some idiot on the internet. Especially not if they’re happily implying that I am a racist, and attribute several positions to me, that I neither hold or have expressed here or anywhere else for that matter.

        I have got better things to do than getting involved in that.


      • RufusSG Nov 27, 2015 / 3:47 pm


        It was never my intention to imply that you were a racist: for that I sincerely apologise if that’s the way I came across. I totally accept that I mischaracterised you and that you aren’t a snob, since I now know you criticise all extreme pitches, not just Asian ones: it’s my fault for not checking up on these things, since I knew nothing about the blog before I stumbled upon that page accidentally, and I admit to taking your comment out of context, which I shouldn’t have done. I haven’t come here to fight, merely to clear the air to Dmitri and you that I made an error. And yes, I probably should have discussed it here.

        For what it’s worth, I share a lot of the other opinions you mention: the ICC reorganisation is a disgrace that will lead to the smaller seven nations being increasingly separated from the big three and the poorer ones will see their very existence threatened: the World Cup format for 2019 is a farce that is grossly unfair on the Associates. I doubt we’re really so different after all.


      • Benny Nov 27, 2015 / 5:54 pm

        That’s cool. Like Dmitri says we tend to avoid fights here. We’re more in the “oh you silly person. You’ve misunderstood” envelope. Works very well


      • d'Arthez Nov 27, 2015 / 5:58 pm

        As the ICC has effectively eliminated a realistic chance for me to see a T20I or ODI against a Full Member in the countries that I spend my time in, very frustrating at times. I had literally one chance to see a Full member team in either of them.

        I am frustrated with the direction international cricket in particular has taken in the last few years. Conflicts of interests. The robbing of the poorer nations, to shore up the ECB, CA and the BCCI. The ever shrinking World Cup. The persistent rewarding of sheer incompetence (England in ODI World Cups), and the persistent non-rewarding of achievement (Ireland in those same tourneys). The granting of home advantage to India, Australia and England, ad infinitum for the ICC tournaments.

        The Lazarus Cup (otherwise known as the Champions Trophy), the lack of balance in scheduling (outside of Australia, Steven Smith has played more Tests in England than in all other nations combined).

        The attitudes of the press don’t help. The English press used to be excellent with regards to cricket coverage, but it has really gone down the drain. That is perfectly summed up by Mike Selvey having zilch interest in actually running the story of the ICC stitch up. He thought it was not important. He still thinks it is not important.

        Originally I came on this blog, because, even though I am not an England supporter, I felt that they were systematically abused by the ECB, that it was a matter of policy of the ECB to not put out the best teams that they could (and it is not just about Kevin Pietersen), nor act in the best interest of the game, in England or the world at large. I like to see a strong English cricket, but not to the detriment of all other countries having a chance at actually competing. But that is what the ECB is aiming for.

        I have moderated chats for years with regards to live cricket (I get my cricket from online streams, since there are literally 0 legal options available to me), and action in cricket. From IPL, and T20(I)s across the world, from Test series from Pakistan – Zimbabwe, to the Ashes, Bangladesh – India, Sri Lanka – New Zealand and the like.

        I have sunk countless hours into the game, building and contributing to various online communities (I live in places where maybe 2% of the local population has a vague idea of what cricket actually is; a fraction of a per cent actually plays the game in any capacity), and forging friendships with people from all over the cricketing world. India, Bangladesh, Australia, England, you name the place.

        This has not been an easy thing to do. A lot of “supporters” in online communities are more interested in bashing rival nations, than the actual cricket (on the bright side, I can curse reasonably well in Hindi), let alone having a feel for the actual context or achievements of the players involved.

        As you can imagine, then to be so grossly misrepresented really hits a nerve then. It is not like I am inaccessible, nor that you have to invite me for a game of golf in Dubai, nor that my comments on this blog in particular are hidden from view. And I certainly have no problem in expressing my views.

        I accept that you did not have the intention to grossly misrepresent me. And I apologize for responding so harshly on here. That was not warranted either.

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      • RufusSG Nov 27, 2015 / 6:54 pm

        No worries, it’s all good. I think you’d like it on Reddit, we’ve shared around numerous Hindi curses ourselves 🙂


  2. Ian Nov 27, 2015 / 4:00 pm

    England shuffled the pack again but don’t appear any weaker for the changes.


    • SimonH Nov 27, 2015 / 5:14 pm

      Really hope they aren’t pigeon-holing Vince as a T20 specialist.


  3. greyblazer Nov 27, 2015 / 5:27 pm

    First real time I’ve seen Vince. Looks classy.
    Can he be shoehorned into the 50 over and maybe even test side? Where’s his slot?


  4. Mark Nov 27, 2015 / 5:34 pm

    Interesting they have given the captaincy to Butler and not Root. I thought he was the next blue eyed boy. I Thought they would use this a a chance to let him have a go at leading.

    England have just let it slip in the last couple of overs. But still a quite good score 158/8 1 over left.


    • SimonH Nov 27, 2015 / 5:44 pm

      In the WC Buttler was VC and not Root (and some ‘good journalists’ reported that it was because Root was a bit immature and didn’t work hard enough).

      All very odd. Certainly Morgan seems to have tremendous confidence in Buttler which Buttler more than pays back when Morgan’s about.


      • Mark Nov 27, 2015 / 5:54 pm

        I didn’t see that stuff about Root, Simon. And these journalists wouldn’t have been given this “immature, doesn’t work hard enough” guff by the England managment in a leak would they?

        But then if it’s an off the record briefing it’s not a leak. (Selvey logic)


      • BoredInAustria Nov 27, 2015 / 8:12 pm

        “The difference is that, in the Test team, Alastair Cook reasoned that appointing a vice-captain might be counter-productive. He argued that he wanted all the senior players to contribute and felt that, if only one were appointed as his lieutenant, it might discourage the others from offering their ideas. There will be no official vice-captain on the Test tour to the Caribbean. ”

        No, sacking them when they give their ideas tend to discourage them


  5. Tuffers86 Nov 27, 2015 / 5:51 pm

    Good final over. England could have failed to use their resources there. 173 might be 10 too many.


  6. Benny Nov 27, 2015 / 6:13 pm

    I’m feeling very encouraged by Morgan’s T20 team. Certainly some fine team performances happening – 172 today with top score 38 is impressive.

    No need to be modest Dmitri. The world needs both you and Tregaskis with your different talents.

    Finally, as you know, I lost my trust in the press years ago when I realised they don’t always tell the truth.


    • LordCanisLupus Nov 27, 2015 / 6:18 pm

      I found this to be an interesting tweet.

      Er, no. With all due respect, we offer you a lot more than the newspapers offer us. You can come on here, and have equal access to the right to speak as anyone else. A BTL on a major newspaper is not the same. I’m really not interested in talking to someone to tell me their side, when they’ve ignored and insulted our side for ages. And I like George’s stuff. You know that.

      But then, I make no pretence in what I’m about. Take it or leave it.

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      • Mark Nov 27, 2015 / 6:36 pm


        The problem with all modern journalism is their obsession with “access.” Can’t any journalists join the dots anymore without having it spoon fed to them?

        When the story is the journalists themselves you don’t need to have access to them, you only have to see what they have written, and how that matches The bleeding obvious. I don’t need to have access to Selvey to be able to judge his work or intentions. It’s all in black and white.

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      • stevetuffers Nov 27, 2015 / 6:46 pm

        While I’m sure Dobell may have found 10mins for a chat, I’d put a wager on others stonewalling him. Especially ones who use social media to ‘pass on information’.

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  7. SimonH Nov 27, 2015 / 6:59 pm

    Umar Akmal gets a howler.

    It really is farcical that sides don’t get a review in T20I.


  8. stevetuffers Nov 27, 2015 / 7:34 pm

    Get Involved
    Tweet #bbccricket
    Jake Cartledge: Woakes has single handedly lost this game for England. I don’t think you can blame anyone else for this…

    Stuart Foster: @chriswoakes Pakistan’s 12th man.

    More utter bullshit. I’ve seen Afridi many times bat the crap out brilliant attacks.


    • greyblazer Nov 27, 2015 / 8:17 pm

      Woakes does seem to get jumped on quite quickly by England fans.


  9. stevetuffers Nov 27, 2015 / 7:34 pm

    Oh look, Woakes won it!

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