Violence Through Silence

I think it shows how weary I’ve become that when I saw the article (quite early in the evening) on KP and the commentary stint I thought I’d leave it be. Nothing surprises me with these clowns any more. That is should go through the conduit of the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday is little surprise. That Patrick Collins thinks it’s great is little surprise. I’ve no doubt the likes of Pam, who was probably jumping the moon after her little Andy came in and we’ve had this massive turnaround (drawn series at home to New Zealand), and is calling us all KP fanboys, is happy too.

There’s a super piece by Maxie over at TFT if you want to comment. I have and so have other familiar traitors posters (I jest). But I’ve just re-read the Mail article and two bits in particular make my blood boil.

The ECB were outmanoeuvred by Pietersen and his advisors, led by Piers Morgan, during a sustained public relations campaign on his behalf after he was sacked following England’s 5-0 Ashes drubbing in Australia last year.


Pietersen has previously impressed as a television pundit, but pressure from the ECB to keep him at arm’s length this summer indicates that they remain extremely wary of his capacity to polarise public opinion and potentially alienate England supporters with his outspoken views. (my emphasis).

Listen here, journos. I don’t think we had everything to do with it, but it wasn’t you keeping “outside cricket” going, and it wasn’t KP either. There was no sustained PR campaign throughout last year when KP kept largely silent on the matters of his dismissal, as he was bound to do. They had a strategy. Stand back and let the morons at the ECB, aided and abetted by the compliant media to do the rest. Just wait, and thou shall deliver.

The ECB did itself in by appointing Paul Downton, and all the campaign had to do was keep quiet, let some of your lot throw themselves in front of the mighty Paul, and call him Lord Aplomb, and then allow him to open his mouth. I miss Downton because he was useless. He had all the suitability to the job as I have of being a court jester. There’s nothing sustained about the PR Campaign. He wrote a book and you lot took out the bits that mattered to you, and ignored some pretty salient points. And you can’t go f–king anywhere without Piers Morgan’s name coming up. Grow up you morons and admit it. Some of his fans, and many who hated the way he was scapegoated, didn’t buy what you fools were selling. Now some of you have buyer’s remorse on Downton in particular, and Moores as well, you want us to say sorry? Do one.

Which leads to the second point. His commentary may alienate some of the cricketing public. I’ve seen it all now. What do you think his sacking did? Do you think I’ve been writing this blog because I love it and accept it? Do you think I care enough to spend all the hours that I have on this and HDWLIA because I’ve not been alientated by this. And you care about those who have done nothing but insult us all the way because of it? Because we were right over Downton, over Moores, over Cook’s position in the ODI, and yes, over his leadership of the test team. You worry about alienating the people who have stuck their heads in the sand?

It would be hilarious if these chumps weren’t serious. Well done Sam. Paul would be very proud.

28 thoughts on “Violence Through Silence

  1. Maxie Allen Jun 21, 2015 / 2:36 pm

    I can’t remember a story which has made me angrier. It is *absolutely* no business of the ECB’s who Sky appoint to commentate. But they won’t see it that way, because they believe English cricket is their personal property.

    But what would you expect from an organisation who believe ‘engaging with fans’ means videos of Joe Root playing the ukelele.


    • LordCanisLupus Jun 21, 2015 / 2:44 pm

      I’ve seen it before in American sports. There’s the infamous story of a soap-style show being commissioned by ESPN on the family lives of NFL players. The NFL commissioner did not like it one bit, and one of the chief announcers on the NFL team was reported to have told his superiors that this could cost them a major contract. It never appeared again.

      Sports rights are this channel’s lifeblood. They are probably a little bruised for losing out on the Champions League and over-paying for the Premier League. Don’t believe Sky are as secure as they make out.
      I’m more angry at some of the lazy contentions in this article. Together I think we cover pretty much all the bases.


      • pktroll (@pktroll) Jun 21, 2015 / 4:17 pm

        Funnily enough that was the point I made over at TFT although I acknowledge that you have illustrated it far more fully here (and there) than what I have.


  2. OscarDaBosca Jun 21, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    What annoys me about this is that the contradiction of the behaviour of the broadcasters to Matt Prior’s retirement. He has rightly received eulogies for his England career on TMS and Sky. He has done some commentary stints as well. Now we all know that barring an abrupt volte face he is not going to play for England again. Does he not deserve the same treatment by broadcasters? As Aaron Wright points out under Maxie’s article on TFT (referenced above) his statistics make him a colossus of the game. Surely he deserves something back?
    Perhaps he will have to wait 30 years like previous abrasive South African born England captains before they recognise his achievements.

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  3. dvyk Jun 21, 2015 / 4:49 pm

    Difficult time to be an England fan, by the looks of it. Just when you guys thought it would be safe to start hating the ECB again, it turns out that hatred isn’t enough.

    If a franchise treated fans the way the ECB does, or behaved the way the ECB does, they would lose all their supporters. But the ECB parasites off the label “England” and accuses fans of treason if they complain.

    One of the most serious accusations in KP’s book, of course, was that the ECB puts pressure on journalists and editors to push a certain line. Con-bloody-firmed. Like everything else in his book– which no one has ever even attempted to refute. Nevertheless, it was “controversial” and “incendiary”. Well, journalists, try the word “true” as well.

    Worst of all, the coming Ashes will be treated as Cook’s legacy. Every pitch will be a road, and every run Cook scores will send the yellow press into paroxysms of fawning delight.

    I doubt KP will be on TMS either — given that Cook complained to Agnew about having KP on.

    I for one will be counting the number of times this series that Cook gets an “umpires call” on a not out lbw review. I don’t like even considering matchfixing because it’s a cheap accusation and ruins the whole experience of watching, but let’s face it — the ECB is an openly corrupt organization without any sense of ethics let alone fair play. And boy do they want their little Cooky to do well and be a hero. (Or failing that,play badly and be and be treated like a hero anyway, as per usual.)

    This is what you get when weak people manage to grab leadership positions.


  4. SimonH Jun 21, 2015 / 5:29 pm

    With all this going on, Selvey picks up on what is of course the main story – the spirit Australia are going to play in. Are they going to be beastly to Cooky and Jimmy? Are they riven by internal dissent over David Warner? Not an effing word on England’s behaviour of course (or potential divisions).

    Who can’t see what’s going on here? A contingency plan is being eased into place. If England lose, at least they play the game ‘the right way’.

    Not one broadsheet newspaper has picked up on the Mail story about Pietersen by the way. The Mirror has an article that adds nothing new and that’s it.

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    • Mark Jun 21, 2015 / 6:49 pm

      Selvey has no right to talk about the spirit of the game since he was a strong supporter of C*** Gate. When you jerk off to a former great player being called a C*** you are a moral bankrupt.

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      • dvyk Jun 21, 2015 / 7:43 pm

        Yes. Selvey has no right to say anything about Aust sledging after that. As I have often said here and elsewhere, at least the Aussies practice their stupid “mental disintegration” BS on the opposition, not on their own players like Team ECB/Waitrose/Sky/Stanford.


        • LordCanisLupus Jun 21, 2015 / 7:44 pm

          I don’t like their (Aussie) sledging, but then I don’t like our attitude much either. A pox on both their houses.

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  5. Mark Jun 21, 2015 / 7:12 pm

    “The ECB were outmanoeuvred by Pietersen and his advisors, led by Piers Morgan, during a sustained public relations campaign ”

    This is typical duplicity by the ECB. The only public relations campaign was waged by the ECB themselves, and their media fan boys. It was an orchestrated campaign what ever they like to claim now. Who leaked the dodgy dossier? Who demanded Warne stop criticising Cook? Who has leaked constantly throughout? Who said KP could come back if he made runs, then changed their minds?

    The ECB shut down almost every avenue KP could use to get his message out. They made sure it had to be filtered through their in house ECB cheerleaders. Piers Morgan is not my taste, but he provided a Twitter account with 4 million followers to keep pounding the rotten ECB castle walls. In turn sites like this and TFT sprang to KPs defence because a number of people could see a fallacy, and a bullying governing body.

    The likes of Pam Vermin and her fake nicenes were quite happy when KP was getting a kicking, but they didn’t like it when the boot was on the other foot, and it was lover boy Sheep getting a panning.

    As for Patrick Collins, isn’t it about time he retired to a bar stool in South Africa like previous pompus Mail arsewipes?

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  6. SimonH Jun 21, 2015 / 7:26 pm

    I’ve read (on Twitter – usual health warnings apply) that India’s second loss today to Bangladesh guarantees that Bangladesh are in the 2017 Champions Trophy and the last place will be between Pakistan and West Indies.

    Now, I’m happy for Bangladesh breaking into the top eight cartel and no doubt they are a good ODI side. However a relentless churl might detect a slight whiff of rodent here. Before this series India had won twelve of the previous thirteen ODIs between the teams dating back to 2007. And now they suddenly lose two?

    Still, I’m sure if there were anything fishy going on the ICC would be on top of it. It’s not like the relevant ICC committee has permanent Indian membership or anything, as a result of Giles Clarke and the Big Three Stitch-Up, is it? Oh.

    It’s nice that Bangladesh have found a new bowler who’s taken a stack of wickets. He’s only the second bowler to take a five-for in his first two ODIs ever. His subsequent career might be one to keep an eye on.


    • metatone Jun 21, 2015 / 7:42 pm

      You could well be correct, but hard to prove, because it’s entirely in character for the Indian ODI side to get complacent and be blindsided when an apparently weaker team turns out to have a good bowler.


    • d'Arthez Jun 21, 2015 / 9:10 pm

      Pakistan had a 46-1 record against Bangladesh across formats. They lost 3-0.

      Bear in mind that since 2012, Bangladesh have played about 75% of their ODIs at home. They have had tours to WI (3 ODIs), Sri Lanka (3 ODIs) and Zimbabwe (3 ODIs). They shared the series 1-1 with Sri Lanka (2013). Lost 2-1 in Zimbabwe (2013), and were whitewashed by the West Indies (2014). Not exactly convincing on the road, to say the least. The last time Bangladesh won a series abroad was 2009. They beat a strike weakened West Indies and Zimbabwe.

      Home advantage is massive. The rankings do not account for that. While I certainly do not begrudge Bangladesh sporting success, you have to wonder if Bangladesh have really improved that much, or that the BCB exploited the system(s) that are in place.

      That being said, nothing stops the WICB / PCB from inviting Hong Kong / PNG to gain the required rating points if they choose to be interested …

      Coincidentally those same teams hosted Bangladesh for 2 Tests each since 2012. Bangladesh have played 12 Tests at home in the same period.

      England are not scheduled to play Bangladesh for the best part of a decade from now. Meritocratic. No Australian batsman has played more than 5 innings against Bangladesh (Ponting and Hayden share that “record”). Meanwhile Sangakkara who is due to retire soon has played 15 Tests against Bangladesh, but only 11 against Australia.

      The schedule is a mess, and the ECB has decided we need more Ashes. Great.


      • amit Jun 22, 2015 / 12:53 pm

        Yep. No conspiracy theory there. If there’s one thing we Indians hate, it is losing to the associate nations or to the likes of Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. These banana skins are best avoided and they are bad for the ego. So no Indian player would ever contemplate that. Ever.
        Credit to Bangladesh – they played better; were hungry to win where as India turned up wanting to avoid a loss and expecting to win by default. While Indians played reasonably well in the first game, they were not in the 2nd game at any stage. BD bossed them around. Hope they can sustain this performance, outside home. That will make the bottom half of the rankings, an interesting place to watch.


      • marees Jun 22, 2015 / 3:43 pm

        It is not realistic for BD to demonstrate same level of performance outside home, Immediately, but I expect them to do better in home tournaments (AsiaCup, T20 etc) in future.

        India’s scrapping of ZIM ODIs has openend a slot in calendar for Windies to try and salvage a quick tour to gain some points to secure last slot for Champions trophy qualification

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  7. SimonH Jun 21, 2015 / 7:41 pm

    So Cook “underlines his form”, plays a “brisk and fluent” innings and unfurls “three glorious drives”. Altogether “his return to county cricket has confirmed Cook’s recovery after a difficult year”.

    The innings in question? 48 in 71 balls. Against Gloucestershire. That’s third from bottom of D2 Gloucestershire, just above second from bottom Only Leicestershire.

    Another day on the Guardian cricket pages.

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      • Sherwick Jun 21, 2015 / 7:49 pm

        Cookie would have got 356 if they played 40 day county matches.
        Oh yes.

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      • metatone Jun 22, 2015 / 4:46 pm

        I only just clicked through to that tweet.
        Those “poster style” reports seem very 1984…


    • SimonH Jun 22, 2015 / 4:42 pm

      Rearrange the words brisk, fluent, three, glorious, drives, threw, it, away, when, set, lacks, mental toughness, Ian and Bell to make a sentence.

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  8. paulewart Jun 21, 2015 / 7:48 pm

    Hate week has been extended indefinitely. This is not unique to cricket as those of you who have read Nick Robinson’s comments about threats to close down the BBC will have gathered. The establishment is closing ranks. Get used to a life outside cricket, boys and girls. As for Pietersen, I’m guessing Tony Greig’s the only comparable figure as alluded to above. The apartheid busting renegades were welcomed back with open arms.


    • escort Jun 21, 2015 / 8:23 pm

      If the BBC finished tomorrow the only thing i would miss would be its sports coverage on radio. BBC TV is a joke that everybody is forced to pay for.


      • Mark Jun 21, 2015 / 10:04 pm

        The only other way of funding it is through TV advertising and that will lead to corporate censorship. You only have to see how biased American corporate news is.

        The BBC is not by any means perfect, but is better than a lot of corporate TV. As for everyone having to pay for it, you mean like illegal wars and bailing out bankers, and corporate welfare, and the NHS and state education, and road building and politicians expense accounts and subsidising farmers, and subsiding arms manufacturers , and people on welfare, and people on housing benefit, and the police, and the courts, and the prison system, The Royal family, Blah blah blah.

        Or you could get your news from the Telegraph who won’t run stories about HSBC because of their advertising budget.


      • Escort Jun 22, 2015 / 2:33 am

        The BBC might aswell be funded by advertising because it is institutionally biased in its new coverage.


  9. The Vickster Jun 22, 2015 / 10:44 pm

    I have only just discovered this blog and now feel I need to stop reading it as my blood is boiling after every piece. All the anger I thought I had managed to suppress over the KP sacking kerps coming to the fore!

    Anyway, to quote an England cliche I’m going to ‘take the positives’ about KP not getting the Sky gig. Thinking about it, I actually believe it’s a good thing he didn’t get the gig. The ECB believe they have stopped him from speaking out however if they had any PR sense, they would’ve allowed it. Here’s why (sorry, it’s a bit of an essay):

    1. I love KP & I recognise he is a great analyst however I don’t think there’s anyone here who wouldn’t acknowledge that sometimes he’s not the most eloquent person & although he’s trying to make a certain point, he can often put his foot in it & say something that sounds bad. If he’d have been on Sky then inevitably this would’ve happened which would’ve given the press, and ECB, more opportunities to do what they love, put the boot in! So they’ve missed a trick there.

    2. If he had been on Sky, then I’m sure he would’ve had to be quite positive about the team at certain points, once again meaning the press/ECB could roll out the line that even KP is happy & wishes this team well, therefore this must mean everything is now perfect in Team England e.g. ‘So all you ‘outside cricket’ wingers have to now shut up as your God has accepted the new regime etc.’. Once again, trick missed.

    3. It doesn’t matter if he’s on Sky or wherever, the press will still write about him, ask his opinions on how the Ashes are going & then print it as it’s a guaranteed story. Therefore it doesn’t matter if he’s on Sky or not as his opinion is always going to be out there, so the best thing the ECB could’ve done is try to create the message. Now all they’ve done is upset him again as a potential job has now been lost. (I also am surprised that his lawyers aren’t starting to consider the restriction of trade case against the ECB, as so far thanks to them he’s lost the IPL & now Sky, both of which are expensive amounts to lose)

    3. Most importantly, and this is where they’ve really screwed up, by not having the gig, they’ve now left him jobless for the summer. What does a cricketer do, when they’ve got nothing else to do, oh yes, they PLAY CRICKET!!! Surrey have already said they want to speak with him post-CPL. We have the worst injury crisis this summer & have lost a lot of batsmen so would have hi back in a second. If he’s scoring lots of runs & England are doing pants in the Ashes, then the renewed clamour for him to comeback and the pressure on the ECB will exceed anything he could’ve said on Sky. Just like his 355 people will question what they are thinking of, potentially destroying any goodwill that has been grown.

    So once again the ECB think they’ve done the right thing but instead have shot themselves in the foot. Quelle Surprise!

    And relax…. 😌


  10. The Vickster Jun 23, 2015 / 1:22 pm

    I think the ECB have missed a trick here. If KP had been in the commentary box they could’ve ensured the other commentators helped to keep KP on message so there might not have been that many comments.

    Plus knowing Kev, although I love him to bits, even he would admit that he’s not always the best speaker & occasionally doesn’t say what he means. Any gaffes he made could be jumped on by the press, allowing them to play their favourite game of sticking the boot in.

    Most importantly though, the ECB have now left him jobless this summer, which means he’s likely to return to Surrey (as we desperately need & want him). He will have more column inches written about him by scoring lots of runs & will put more pressure on the ECB if he does well than with anything he could’ve said in the Sky box. Although I note today that Morgan is now trying to get back in.

    Once again, the ECB think they’re doing the right thing but end up shooting themselves in the foot!


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