Not a full post at this stage, but some interesting links out there. Here’s Stuart Broad on Alastair Cook…


There’s a lot in there to chew over, especially the contention that Alastair Cook is England’s greatest ever batsman.

Of course, you’ve probably all seen Boycott’s piece:


It’s the usual sort of stuff from Geoffrey but ramped up a little. I can’t help get the feeling that he’s really, especially, pissed off with this team and their attitude. I might do a reverse fisking of that a bit later on, but I have the spare room to deal with today.


According to this the arch data miner and captain plonker haven’t discussed one of the fundamental positions. I’m with James for TFT:

I’ll add more as the day goes on, so keep checking back if you feel like it, or follow my rants on Twitter.